Animal communication is a non-verbal, mind-to-mind connection that is universally used between different animal species.
More and more research now confirms that communication between humans and animals is possible by telepathy/empathy.
This means of communication is transmitted in the form of images, physical and emotional sensations, and thoughts. It helps us to understand the root of an animal’s behavior.
If you need to gain a better understanding of your pet and his/her behavior, contact me.

What you will gain from an animal communication session:

An animal communication session will allow you to understand the behavior of your pet, be it emotional, behavioral, territorial, etc.
Laila del Monte will answer the questions asked in the form that you complete when making the appointment.
She will first establish a connection with your pet for 30 minutes before speaking to you, using the photo that you have uploaded.
We thank you for respecting the 30 minutes allotted for your meeting.

To request an appointment click here: infolailadelmonte@gmail.com


Fee for a half hour session: 170 USD

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Due to the waiting list please request an appointment first at infolailadelmonte@gmail.com