Laila del Monte cannot make any diagnosis, but she can help to guide you in discerning some health problems for your pets.
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“Hello Laila,
I approach animals in a physical way, and I realize that beyond these chronic and immunitary pathologies, one must go further and not keep only to facts. You do the opposite since you go beyond the physical to return to it, and that is where the collaboration between the veterinary and you is magnificent: to accept what each of us can bring since our aims are identical – to heal to create a better life.
Thank you once again and I hope that in the future I will be able to meet you again, for many beautiful things emanate from you.
Very sincerely,”
Doctor Evelyne Dossin, Veterinary Ophtalmologist

Some thoughts on illness and stress in animals

In our day, our companion animals suffer from all kinds of illnesses which did not exist in the past and which are more and more serious.
After having discussed this problem with numerous veterinarians in different countries, I have come to the realization that the medical community and all those treating animals are at a loss when faced with this problem.
I believe these illnesses are caused by genetic mutations from breeding, chemical and toxic elements in today’s food such as GMOs, pesticides, and additives, effects from vaccinations, and other toxins in the environment. Many of these toxins cannot be eliminated by animals.
Many people who work with animals believe that illness in animals is only due to the emotional stress they absorb from their guardians and human companions. In my view, it is true that they absorb negative emotions just as anyone living with you would. We are all connected and we feel the emotions and stress of people around us; however, I feel that the guardian’s emotions are not the main cause of their illness, but that they create an environment which is favorable to the development of stress.
I developed these ideas in my book ”Psychic Communication With Animals” in which I wrote that animals absorb emotions around them and this may have been wrongly interpreted by some readers. It is common knowledge today that stress can affect or provoke illness. Nonetheless, I believe that it is important to note that your stress or emotional problems are not the only cause but the background in which problems arise.
I feel it is important to insist on this point because I have seen too many people feeling guilty about their animal’s illness. They feel they are responsible for it or even that they have killed their animal. This feeling of guilt is useless and does not help your animal to recover its health. After all, stress is part of life; it is impossible to avoid it and we are not saints! These animals have chosen to share our life and like anyone who lives with us they will be affected by what we feel. I think, therefore, that instead of saying that your animal is sick “because” of you or that it is your fault, it would first be preferable to take hold of your life and try to get better.
Secondly, seek out information and take action to achieve a healthier life for them.
~ Laila del Monte

Concerning the care of sick animals…

It is your responsibility to follow the treatments recommended by the veterinarian. Laila del Monte prefers to help the animals along with the diagnosis of the veterinarian.
The aid of sick animals has nothing to do with animal communication.
Be aware that in certain cases, progress can be slow. Sometimes it can take between one to three months  to restore balance.

For those horses sufferings from colic, it is necessary to contact Laila del Monte as soon as possible. Follow all the veterinarian’s recommendations and treatment.
For those horses suffering or injured from joints, ligaments, tendons, muscles, etc., Laila de Monte asks that the horse be not mounted during her work. Imagine the effect on a horse that limps or who suffers without indicating the cause of 50 or 70 kilos weight more on him. Mounting the horse increases the time of recovery.
On the other hand,  unless the veterinarian has asked for immobilization or rest in the box, it is beneficial to walk them, to put them out in the paddock or field to stimulate a healthy blood circulation.
For help with sick animals send an email to Please add your telephone number to the email. Sometimes the email does not get through.
For urgent case mark ANIMAL URGENCY or SOS on the email.

Urgent cases and animals at the end of their life

Laila del Monte does her best to  aid urgent cases (horses with colic, hospitalized animals suffering from fevers, vomiting, virus, fractures, etc.)

All the same, Laila del Monte cannot heal animals at the end of their life or who have a terminal diagnosis. She can help the quality of their life and alleviate their suffering. She can also help so that the departure to the BEYOND be accomplished easily and free of suffering. Sometimes, this allows the animal to depart gently, in his home, without undergoing the traumatism of euthanasia.
Laila del Monte can also help you to take a decision or to accompany you in this difficult choice.
We want to make it clear that only the Creator, the Great Spirit, has the power of decision on the life or on the transition to the BEYOND of a sentient being.
Laila del Monte dedicates her life to animals. She works well beyond office hours and even, if necessary, takes urgent cases during the weekend.
You must, however, be aware of the different time zones and hours if Laila del Monte is in Europe. We thank you for your patience and understanding.

Physical  healing Fee:

First 3 weeks $290

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Next: $300 a month

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8 week package: $580

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