PHELINE: Urinary tract infection and weight loss

Phéline is doing much better since the beginning of the energy treatments from Laila and her medical treatment, she has gained weight, while remaining very thin. After a fairly hot week in the Paris region, she has been eating less well. Perfect stools and urine. Good humor, dynamic, has a lot of fun during her daily outings.
I would like to warmly thank Laila for the healing support of Phéline,


DOMINO: Amorphous does not eat, no diagnosis

Domino is doing a lot better. From the start of Laila’s treatment, the change was obvious. And since then he has recovered his energy and his joie de vivre as a cat. He eats with gusto and has gained weight. It warms our heart to see him like this. Thank you to everyone, and especially to Laila (as well as to her team of light.
Kind regards,

Bruno & Martine

OPONO: Bladder stone and kidney failure

I come back to you regarding the decision-making regarding the distance healing for Opono: I want to stop the distant healing because Opono now has bowel movements every day, which is a great relief. As for drinking, I think he will drink again when I offer him a small amount of new kibble that I will buy in addition to the wet food that he currently eats.


SMOKY: Nervousness and lack of appetite

If possible, I would like to take a break From the healing to see how it evolves, Smoky is so much better, it is really obvious to me!
Thank you very much,


NELSON: Hyper activité and attachement

My cat is much better so we can stop the healings.


HOOLIGAN: Hyperthyroidism (supported by Laila with medical treatment)

Hooligan eats on his own again and drinks. His hyperthyroidism subsided. He also has been helped by a more competent veterinarian for 1 month who has reviewed her treatment and her diet.
Thank you so much,


PANDA: Has stopped feeding

Hello Laila and dear light team,
I was waiting for the veterinary control visit today to tell you that Panda is officially saved! He has regained 1kg 200 since his hospitalization which makes a total weight of 5kg 200, half a kilo more and he will have regained his healthy weight because he is a big cat. There will be another visit next week and then hopefully he won’t need it anymore.
We are therefore pleased to release you from the healings so that you can help other little sick animals who really need you. We would like to thank you for your time which certainly helped her recovery, we will continue to send you news. We send you love with all our gratitude.
See you soon because I will register for the training in animal communication.

Panda, Olivia and Florence

FILOU: Chronic renal failure and pancreatitis

Filou is doing better, he no longer suffers from his pancreatitis. He has a small resurgence of herpes in his eyes for which he is currently undergoing treatment, but nothing to worry about. I want to express my gratitude to you for the help you gave to my companion, it was particularly effective during these most difficult times. I will not hesitate to get back to you if necessary.
A big thank you.
Kind regards,


CHOUCHOU: Cardiomyopathy, renal failure, pulmonary edema, anorexia, obesity

You can also add these few lines if it can help other people. I’m sure Laila was a big help to my cat when her life expectancy was almost zero.


ISIS: Renal failure

Good evening Laila,
Isis is doing better overall, her state of health has stabilized rather well, which is why I have chosen to stop the remote Healing and I take this opportunity to thank you wholeheartedly for your precious help during these few months of support. I wish you a good continuation in your mission of accompaniment and help to animals, you are a wonderful being and greatly guided, gratitude.
With all my gratitude, and to the pleasure of a future animal communication,


SCARLETT: Kidney failure

I sent a message on wattsapp to Laila. I am suspending care for the moment because Scarlett is better. We will always be in time to resume if necessary.


SANNY: Inflammation of the digestive tract

Thanks, Sany is fine, you don’t need to renew the healing. This beauty has completely recovered her spark. She was in very bad shape, with the veterinary medication the digestive symptoms of vomiting and diarrhea were controlled, but she did not recover her appetite or happiness; she wanted to be alone, neither with the group, nor with me… She was not herself. She is very strong and brave, before adopting her she was also very serious and after she underwent two operations, she the most grateful Being I know, a true Angel. It was very hard to see her like this because she loves to eat and she was days without eating a bite and very sad. Thank you Laila for helping her to be happy again and as her name indicates, a very “healthy” cat.

A big hug,


HIDEAKI: Intestinal problems

I thank from the bottom of my heart Laila for all that she did for my love Hideaki. He suffered (I am happy to say in the past) since a kitten from transit problem (diarrhea) and in 2019 (5 years old) his condition deteriorated significantly.
Despite the care given for several years by the vet and other therapists (who made me feel guilty by saying that it came from me) his condition improved, but it did not last over time. I do not deny that my personal state surely had an influence on his state, but I find that to guilt the guardian does not help in the process.
After several months of healing, he finally had normal bowel movements !!! He had molded stools like those of other cats for several months. I mean he never had bowel movements like this before !! What joy for him and me. So once again, I thank Laila who is an exceptional person, who dedicates her life to animals, who listens to the guardian and who is for me a human being who embodies the unconditional love that animals teach us.


ELLA: Liver problems and kidney failure

I thank Laila very much for healing Ella, who is doing very well. I think now we can stop. It’s a great honor for Ella and me (to put her picture)
You’re right, hope is full of energy and can move mountains,


SHADOW: Chronic infectious anemia

Shadow is doing much better and has regained pretty colors and great energy!!!
Take care of yourself and thank you to Laila for her healing,


LOU: Kidney stones

I’m really sorry that I haven’t given any news for a few days, when Loulou’s recovery has been confirmed. Lou is much better and all her vital functions have resumed well, she lives a normal life even if she still rests a lot…
Q. She eats and drinks normally, even if it is a little battle to make her accept special kidney food. She goes to the balcony, wakes us up at night to eat even if she has had  kibble before she comes to see what we’re eating at the table.
Many thanks again to Laila for her help,

Marie Cecile

LUXOR: Difficulty breathing and snoring

Hello Laila team,
Luxor is better at the respiratory level. He hardly snores any more! So I think we will be able to stop long the distance healing after March 20. But I’ll keep you posted on Louxy’s development by then.
Thank you,

Luxor and Laure

MOZART: Broken jaw and kidney failure. Is not eating

Hello and thank you for your help,
Mozart is doing much better! He will have to be operated again to remove his strapping. Could Laila help him during the operation?
Have a nice day,

Sabine Vendrely

SHADOW: Chronic infectious anemia

Shadow is doing much better and has found pretty colors and great energy! She is outside, otherwise I would have sent you a photo!
Thanks to Laila for her help,


ZEPHIR: Edge of the êtes are irritated, brown crusts at the corners of the eyes, red gums, he is often prostrated, terrorized, no one can carry him

Zephyr is better even if he still has a lot of progress to make, but we no longer have the impression that he is sufferinging. Hoping that his behavior will improve further.


PERLINE: Chronic diarrhea

Upon arrival, my kitten Perline presented a digestive imbalance with chronic diarrhea several times a day and episodes of gastroenteritis which were quite disturbing and which weakened her. It was really difficult for her who was suffering from gingivitis. Laila quickly took care of her and was always present during these difficult times. Her healing support was felt. My kitten got better gradually, she has a good digestion today, without diarrhea or vomiting and it is a great relief!
Thank you to the team for great communication and thank you Laila for your presence and your healing,


BIDULE: Pancreatitis and rénal failure

Some news from Bidule: She is eating well (She was no longer eating) I weighed her last night and she gained over 200gr. At the start my veterinarian had prescribed allopathic treatment and phyto. Now she is only taking phyto. She is still eating very well and seems to be doing well so I think we don’t need to continue the healings beyond the 3 weeks.
Above all a big thank you to Laila!


INDOCHINE: Broken back causing ponytail syndrome, can’t urinate

4 years ago, Indochina had her vertebrae broken by Vigo, the galgo (a Spanish greyhound). It was a tragedy. Indochina was operated on, but she suffered from ponytail syndrome, was unable to urinate nor do her business alone. My vet wanted to shorten her suffering, but neither Indo nor I were ready for that, I could feel it! I learned about Laila del Monte, whom I trusted, and who saved my cat! I never thought I would cry with joy one day when I saw my cat urinating in its litter box, but that’s what I did after a week of healing for Indochina.
This text will hopefully be a message of hope for my friends in doubt.


MIKA: Severe episodes of diarrhea

Milka was picked up from the street and had been suffering from severe episodes of diarrhea and mucus ever since. It had been many months like this, the medication did not have any effect and the tests did not show where the problem came from. Thanks to Laila’s healing, both diarrhea and mucus have progressively subsided. It is not perfect but much better!
Thanks Laila!


ROSALIE: Diarrhea, vomiting and total refusal to eat residue from worm colonization

Rosalie is better now. During these two weeks she had a relapse which she overcame. Madam Del Monte’s distance healing has helped her immensely. Thank you! It is an honor for me and her to be able to help other animals in difficulty.



CHANDRA: Stray cat with big eye infection

As for Chandra, the cat who lives on the street, I saw his eyes today. They are much better! Thank you very much, Laila! No pus, no tears, completely dry! Much more open than before. Thanks again, Laila for taking care of my cats.



SAFFRON: Cat with HIV. Infected wound or bite, not hesling
Just a quick note to tell you that Safran is doing very well.
Thank you very much, Laila for the distance healing!

BAFFI: Blindness

Before Right – After Left

Baffi is an adorable kitten, she came to us really badly damaged by a severe coryza. Antibiotics may have treated the common cold, but the vet told us she will not see again. So I told myself that I should contact Laila to help her recover and try to save her eyes. And then I had total confidence in a result which today turns out to be really great!!!! Because yes, Baffi has found again an almost normal sight. And I know that it will improve further with the end of the healings. Baffi is full of life, and does lots of naughty things, like all kittens.


HAPPY: Pancreatitis, mass on pancreas

I want to stop the long distance healing for Happy as he is doing much better: he has regained his beautiful energy.
First of all, he recovered from his operation when the veterinarians did not believe it was possible! He started eating again little by little and his weight stabilized. The mass decreased. He now eats with appetite! The fact of exchanging regularly allowed me to “get my worries out”, to remain objective about what he was going through, to accompany him in ways other than emotion. Thanks to Laila and her team for their help, support and accompaniment. Thank you Laila for your availability, your kindness!! Thank you for sharing your donation!
Best regards!


KIKI: Leg amputation, post-operative help

Kiki is fine, the hairs have not yet fully regrown but he has resumed his life… He is fine, I will remain confident for his future…
Thank you for everything, Have a good end of the year!


BEBERTE: Thyroid, osteoarthritis and kidneys

Béberte is much better as car as the arthritis / thyroid, the improvements are very clear and I thank Laila very much. The past week has been good. Following the veterinary exam, I lowered the amount of thyroid medication and for now everything is going well. I give him fish oil regularly.

Also the full examination showed that creatinine increased a little more, but less than before – going from 22 to 27, just above the high limit at 24. There is no proteinuria and my veterinarian thinks that it is not necessary to give medication. Besides, Béberte eats well and his weight is stable.
Thank you very much,