COOKIE: Thromboembolism

Following the conversation with Laila, we have agreed to take a break for Cookie for the time being as he has been stable for quite a while. I know that she remains available if needed and that reassures me. A huge gigantic thank you for the healing help given! It is masterful and the miracle happened thanks to you and to the doctors of heaven. I continue my most loving support to him.
I send you infinite love and gratitude,

Marie Claude


Thank you yes I am also delighted that he is better, because the analysis did not show anything abnormal, and following the loss of Nicci it would have been hard not to see his condition improve, but the healing was very beneficial. Of course we will remain vigilant to his state.
Thank you for everything,


BAMBOO: Post-operative care

Bamboo is better. The healing process of his mouth is on track after the removal of his teeth and his heart is doing well despite this risky intervention for his age and the various chronic diseases he suffers from and the loss of his sister Baia. The vet finds him in good shape.
I thank Laila for all the healing given to Bambou and thank you, too, for your follow-up,


JAVA: Vomiting, no longer eating

My cat suddenly started vomiting, stopped eating and drinking when we returned from the end of year celebrations. After a visit to the veterinarian and the administration of anti-emetics, her condition did not improve. She was therefore transported to the emergency room for blood tests and an ultrasound. The results did not show anything in particular, except for a slight increase in the pancreatic data. Nothing alarming according to the veterinarian.
Java spent 3 days at the clinic, but still did not eat or drink. So we tried to get her to come home to see if she ate there, but that didn’t work and she started salivating again.
Back at the veterinary clinic, new blood and radiological tests were carried out but no explanation had yet been found. Java was intubated to feed her, and infused to hydrate her. At the same time, I asked Laila for help with energy healing since ‘traditional medicine’ gave me no hope of finding out what my cat was suffering from.
After about two days, Java started eating again. On the fourth day, we decided to take her home. She started to eat and drink again, but still with some signs of weakness and somewhat persistent nausea. Nevertheless, as Laila’s healing continued (3 weeks in all), she got better and better and is completely cured today.
I sincerely thank Laila and her team for helping us in this way. Your empathy and responsiveness have been a wonderful support during this difficult time for Java and for me. Thanks again !”


KIWI: Congestion and sneezing

Kiwi is much less congested and hardly sneezes anymore. I continue the treatment prescribed by the homeopathic veterinarian. Thanks to Laila for her healing so far.
I will not hesitate to come back to her if needed,



I would like to thank Laila for the work done with my 3-year-old cat Fiona, suffering from IBS and destined to undergo heavy and permanent drug treatment. This inflammatory disease caused Fiona to have difficult and painful digestive episodes with a strong physical and emotional impact. Thanks to the healing provided by Laila, the digestive episodes drastically decreased in intensity and frequency and Fiona was able to avoid drug treatments. Her disease is now stabilized and she continues to be followed episodically by Laila to maintain this balance. Thanks to these treatments, Fiona has regained physical comfort, a joy of life and probably a few years of life! I therefore highly recommend calling Laila for your animals. She has, I’m sure, saved my little cat.
Good evening,


CHOUPETTE: Urinary issues

A little over 2 years old choupette had a difficult early childhood, abandoned at 3 months in the street with deep wounds and a big infection, she spent 2 and a half months in an intensive care veterinary clinic in Kuwait. She was saved but had urinary weakness due to the heavy treatment she received, and was urinating all over the house. She was getting more and more stressed, but couldn’t tell. I called Laila del Monte who was able to identify the cause and treat her remotely. Choupette is doing much better. She is calmer and happier. She comes to sleep on my lap, which she never did before. She hardly urinates any more outside of the litter box. I am very grateful to Laila for the remote healing she was able to provide. Thanks to Laila. Very good day.