KIKO: Shaking, fear

Kiko is doing much, much better since Laila started the healing with him for the first time. He is more confident walking in the house, is eating a lot better, not shaking anymore when we pet him. He doesn’t mingle with us, which makes may mother very sad an cutting his nails or giving him a bath is still very complicated. He gets very anxious and nervous. But I can say there is a Kiko before and after Laila and I’m so thankful!
I hope I will be able to attend one of her study groups one day!…


GAÏA: Gastric reflux

Gaia is doing well, I think there is no need to continue with a second month. I wish you all a wonderful holiday season.


TITOUNE: Muscles of the throat + intestinal transit not good colic (constipation)

Titoune is much better since his 3 daily meals instead of 2 (restorative + booster) and 2 his transit is now normal, his energy is stable and his fur more silky.
Thank you, Big hugs to Laila, I warmly thank her for her healing help.


WILLOW: Hemangiosarcoma spleen

Willow is fine! Everything seems stable! now that the cancer activity seems to be under control, I’ll wait a bit before starting over again.
Thank you very much,

Marie France

LOKI: Spondylidiscite

On November 2, we will stop the distance healing ends for Loki because he has regained his good shaped and I think he is healed. I am very satisfied and happy with the results what a pleasure to see my Loki relive!
Thanks again to Laila.
Best wishes,

Fabienne and Loki

PICHA: Convulsions with loss of control of the nerves

Picha is fine, she continues her treatment. We thank Laila wholeheartedly for her healing.
Best wishes,

Agnès and Joséphine

RENAUD: Infection ears preparation for cleaning

Renaud, griffon aged 13 was very handicapped by an infection in his tears… He did very well with the anesthesia that was risky at his age allowing him to have a complete cleaning of the infectious center…
Renaud is in great shape now and thanks Laila.
Best wishes,


MALO: Tibia fracture

A big thank you to Laila for helping our little Malo (right on the photo)!










At 3 months our baby had an accident that caused a fractured shin just under the tibial plateau. There have been many complications due to growth and the fact that the fracture is so close to the joint. After 4 operations in 6 months, he is finally out of it all! We were lucky to have a super orthopedist who did a great job. However, Laila’s healing has largely contributed to a success that is beyond expectations … even the orthopedist was greatly surprised by the evolution; especially when he found that Malo had lost only 10% of the length of his leg, while a 25% minimum was rather expected! Oh … and as a starting gift, Malo stopped urinating and defecting in the house after Laila did the healing of him. Currently, we have stopped the healing , because our little Happiness is in test shape … he gallops, plays with his sister and the others … he is full of the joy of living! He finally is living a real life of little Boston Terrier!


ZOE: Cystic mass

In April, an ultrasound revealed on one hand a cystic mass of the size of a big mandarin between the left kidney and the liver and on the other hand it also revealed a poorly defined internal structure of the right kidney. The vet had a rather pessimistic prognosis and did not even consider surgery. So I decided in addition to a homeopathic treatment and herbal medicine to call Laila for healing.
After a little more than a month of distance healing, I asked for a control ultrasound during which the veterinarian could no longer find the cystic mass. On the other hand, the internal structure of the right kidney remained problematic. Laila sensed that she could continue working on this kidney. So I extended the healing subscription for 2 more months. At the end of July, Zoé seemed to be well on her own. Laila stopped the treatment.
Two days ago Zoe worried me because she was suffering from a urinary infection. I urgently consulted another veterinarian who correctly diagnosed the urinary tract infection. During the ultrasound, I took the opportunity to ask him to explore both kidneys. One thing that is very positive :she found that the two kidneys are in good shape!!
I thank Laila for her warmth, her healing and all her dedication to animals.

Catherine and Zoé

KAHLAN: Limping back legs not resolved despite numerous treatments

I will stop Kahlan’s remote help today. I felt her thighs today: there is no atrophy on the right thigh at all, she has reshaped all her muscles, it’s very positive! Thank you very much for all your help and support messages and to Laila for her amazing healing work!
Yours truly,

Marie Anne

GAIA: Joint pain, lameness (3 weeks) and intermittent fever, runny nose, slight coughing, tiredness, slight nosebleed (one nostril), some difficulty swallowing during episodes of fever, depression, tracheitis

Hi, I’m going to stop the remote healing Gaia is better with her treatment. Thanks to Laila for her healing help. I will come back to you if necessary.


SYAMA: Pancreatitis

Syama is much better, I think she is completely better now. We arrived in the south last weekend and everything is going well, except with the cats where it’s still a little complicated. She has a surprising surge of vitality because she is now in much better shape than before her pancreatitis. She eats normally and her stools are also normal. I think there is no longer a need for continued distance healing sessions.
Thank you very much for all the healing Syama has received in recent weeks, I am very grateful.
Wishing you a beautiful summer, as well as your entire team.
Yours truly,


CHANDRA: Autoimmune mediated thrombocytopenia, idiopathy (autoimmune purpura)

I want to stop the distance healing for Chandra because she is better, her platelet count is normal and her hemoglobin too.
I thank you for your assistance.
Many thanks,


ALVIN: Can’t move… frozen back

Alvin is so much better! I’m careful when he goes up and down the stairs but he hadn’t had a blocked back for two months now
Than you Laila for the healing!
Good day,


QUANE: Pulmonary edema

Ouane is doing very well so We don’t have to continue for the moment. Thank Laila for me and her friends the Spirit doctors! They are great for their interventions.


NOUKA: Degenerative anemia

A big thank you to Laïla for the help given to my little Nouka who from what the vets told me,she comes from far. All this I hope will soon be just a bad memory… The general state of Nouka is improving day by day. She has gradually regained her energy, her «joie de vivre»… This is confirmed by the blood tests. Red blood cells increased from 3.4 to 4.7 million (normality is between 5.5 and 8.5 million)
A big thank you to Laïla for the healing given to my little Nouka who, from what the vets told me, comes from very far. All this I hope will soon be nothing more than a bad memory… Me too I was not sure to believe (in the healing ) but I saw the results of Laila’s healing on Venga, the cat of one of my friends, Frederique Lebas. Thank you!
Good day to you,


JUMP: Torsion of the spleen

Thank you for your email. I want to stop the remote healing for Jump. Thank you again because he’s fine.


LASKA: Incontinence

Laska has progressed again, I give him only a 1/2 dose of propalin at night and NOTHING in the morning and everything is fine, except all of a sudden… this irregularity but it does not last, after a few days full treatment, everything is in order and I wonder if the moon is not for something! You stay in my grateful thoughts, thanks again. Laila, my gratitude is immense for Laska and for me.
Very warmly,


DOLLY: Degeneration of the liver

– Cataract of the eyes
– Becomes senile, loss of orientation
– Tremor of the rear train
– Difficulty staying upright while eating

A big thank you to Laila . My little Dolly, 15 year old husky is much better. She had degeneration of the liver and orientation problems, her general condition was deteriorated. Thanks to the healing of Laila and then a homeopathic treatment, Dolly has resumed her taste for life, at her own pace, of course. I’m happy for that!


ETO: Various health problems

A big THANK YOU to Laïla, her team and the spirit doctors for helping Eto my 7 year old BA who has multiple health problems since her young age (hip dysplasia, unfinished vertebra, abnormally constituted digestive system etc.)
This is the second time that I have called for healing. Eto has recovered (once I called you for his kidneys and another time for his skin problems and decreased vitality).



Nina’s legs are much better, she trots without limping, she still has sores on her legs and brown crusts under her belly so I changed her diet since today, I found specialized manufacturers in Bernese Mountain Dogs. I’m glad to see that Nina’s galloping without limping! Many thanks!!
I hope it will last!


MUSCADE: Lameness not explained

I do not know how to express my gratitude for the help to Muscade. My dear friend is doing much better at her own pace… I feel that she is stabilized, we have changed pace and I know that Muscade needs a lot of attention. Laila can stop her remote hesling and I will get back to you quickly if needed! With my warm and bright thoughts.
Love and serenity,

Stéfanie and Muscade

ESMEE: Colon problems. Vomiting and blood in the stool

We just came back from the vet. The radio showed that her colon was filled with air, but it seems that the problem diagnosed by the first veterinarian has passed. The vet who treated Esme said she did not have the symptoms of a lazy colon. She said, however, that she should be kept under close surveillance, but was not as alarmist as the first veterinarian.

As a result, I thank Ms. Del Monte very much for her healing help. Abig thank you for Esme… for relieving her and taking care of her so quickly. I am grateful… from the bottom of my heart for the healing given to my little angel.


KOI: Osteosarcoma

February 2016: the diagnosis of the clinic is without appeal. Koi, a 6-year-old Akita Inu, has osteosarcoma with osteoblast. Life expectancy: maximum 3 months if we start with chemotherapy and surgical removal of the ribs on the left side.
Completely desperate, we go home. We discuss it with the veterinarian who knows Koi forever. For him, as for us, the proposed treatment is absolutely out of the question. A Viscum album-based therapy and natural dietary supplements seems to be the only hope.

February 2019: Koi is well, with highs and lows, of course. He continues (from the beginning) the treatment with the viscum album and the supplements. We also have the support of the extraordinary healing of Laila del Monte. Her remote healing is invaluable and constant, it brings real and obvious benefits, even for the most skeptical.

All our gratitude to LdM and her team,


ELIOT: Tumor operation and seizures

A year and a half after the removal of his big tumor in the spleen and his heart problems, Eliot is fine! At the age of 9, he has almost recovered his youth and is in great shape! Thank you Laïla for being always available for healing and listening to him. The vets were all very skeptical about what was going to happen to him, but the healing help you have given him is allowing him to enjoy life a little longer and continue to enchant my life! I will never know how to thank you enough!