LILLY: Tendon elongation posterior leg

Thanks to Laila for everything she did for our Lilly who had an elongation of the tendon and who was limping. Thanks to Laila he got much better. Laila had also healed her in 2016 for 2 strokes and she has been very well thanks to her help.

Thank you very much,

Emilie and Cédric

FRIPOUILLE: Bladder polyps, interdigital abscesses

I think I will stop the treatment for the moment the state of Fripouille is maintained thanks to the healing help of Laila.
Thank you, Celine

GUINNESS: Hepatitis

Guinness is doing much better, she has regained her appetite and her energy, although there are still some ups and downs. The next exams are scheduled for February 09. Depending on the results, I will notify and maybe get back to you. Celine

ENDY: Osteoarthritis and skin problems

Hello, We can stop Endy’s energy healing since he is doing better with both his skin and his osteoarthritis, which dosent seem to be hurting him. Thanks to Laila and the Heavenly Doctors for their precious help.
Warmly, Nath

MEYKO: Prostrate inflammation and kidney problems

Hello, Meyko came home safely from the clinic and his kidneys have recovered. The values returned to normal and continue in this direction. Thank you to Laila for the healing and care provided I am infinitely grateful to you. It was not won for meyko and yet he did it with the help of Laila.
Thank you warmly, Fanny

SKUNKH: Ear othematoma

Hello! We can now stop the healings For my dog Skunkh. His ear is complet. Eu deflated and the tiny lump that remains is hard.
A huge thank you to Laila, Florian

CASSIUS: Acute osteoarthritis

I called on Laila for my 13 year old Staffie Cassius who suffered from acute osteoarthritis to such a point that he could not move without uttering cries of pain and sometimes had paralysis. Laila’s healing took place remotely and I immediately noticed an improvement that continued over time. For good reason, he has not had a fit since, and he is doing like a charm !! Usually he had several seizures in a row and after Laila’s treatment not a single seizure!
A big thank you to Laila for her listening and her healing for my little dog love, Annabelle

VIRGULE: Advanced mitral insufficiency

Virgule weathered the heat wave this summer very well, which was not easy given hier irreversible heart disease. She had her check-up cardiac ultrasound and blood test yesterday, her condition is stable compared to 3 months ago. In 2 months she will be 16 years old, and the vets are very surprised at this longevity.What matters to me is that she has no pain. I think your healing work on Virgule made it easier for her to spend the summer.
Thank you very much! Aline

RAINBOW: Hip dysplasia and lameness

Good evening, Yes I agree the treatments for Rainbow have stopped but it seemed to me that they had already stopped for several weeks… He is much better.
Thank you so much! N