Dogs – Before 2011

A year ago this time Chrissie was unable to walk and you helped her so that she slowly began to recover.She now walks, runs, goes up and down stairs. She and I are deeply grateful for your help, support and care. We thank you,
~ Evie and Chrissie
November 2009



My girl Luz is a 4 year old yorkshire. She is sweet affectionate and very independant. There are no words to express the love we receive from her. Three months ago she got very sick and they detected bradicardia with low proteins which was very dangerous. They gave her antibiotics, cortisone and a gastric protector for a month but the protein count was still low. I got really scared. She was sent to the veterinarian university where they did exams to see if it had anything to do with her kidneys, liver or pancreas. They were just about to do a biopsy with endoscopy. Then I found laila who with unconditional love helped Luz to recover. Fifteen days later the protein count had gone up. She had recovered her vitality and joy. Fifteen days after that the blood tests showed her recovery. We did not need to do the biopsy which also avoided general anaesthesia. We are happy to enjoy one another and I am reminded that faith moves mountains. I am very grateful.
With much love,
~ Mercedes Alonso Lujan. Spain
September 2009

Thank you for your help. Sarko, my two year old dog started to get sick. He couldn’t urinate and he was getting worse day by day. We had to bring him to the pet hospital. They found cristals in his bladder, kidney and liver inflamation as well as a blood infection. They had no solution. Day after day I got more anxious as I thought I was going to loose Sarco. The vet thought he might have a tumor and that he would have to operate him. I called Laila who took care of him day and night. Now Sarco is doing fine and he is back home! We are all jumping with joy! Thank you, Laila, i will always be grateful.
~ Sylvie Fetiveau, Spain
August 2009

Apollon is a beautiful 5 year old german shepherd.He is very sweet, a real teddy bear! Suddenly we noticed that he had a difficult time moving. It got worse as the days went by. After a few anti inflammatory treatments that gave no results, we took him for an xray. He had eighteen bone spurs along the spine! They were so painful, he could barely move. He had to put all his weight on his front legs and drag his hind legs. It was so sad to see!
We called Laila to see if she could help. She accepted immediately. She was our last hope. The vet had said it would be best to euthanize him to avoid all that suffering. The bone spurs had pierced his muscles. We decided to give it a try. The morning after the first treatment he jumped on the sofa! We couldn’t believe it! Laila continued working on Apollon for a while. Day by day we noticed improvement, he wasa different dog. He seemed happy, playful as if  he had never had anything. it was incredible! He is now totally healed. I wish I had a better word than thank you to express my gratitude
~ Marilyne Tournier. France
August 2009

Sammy Cooper is truly a miracle or shall I say had a miraculous recovery.  It’s still early days in terms of the window of time that he has yet to fully recover but considering that he was given no chance of surviving his head trauma, bleeding from his nose and ear and a fracture in his skull. In less than 2 weeks he was up and walking with just a bit of a balance issue which continues to improve now in smaller increments but could improve for up to one year still.



Sammy_2Sammy Cooper is a tiny yorkie who because he was the runt in his litter had to fight his way into this world and was clearly up to Laila’s support in staying with us.  All 3 1/2 pounds of him!!!
We all are so very grateful for the prayers and healing he received during this critical time.
~ Kathy Nelson, Los Angeles
March 2009



I wanted to send you a mail to give you news of Nanook. She is doing very well, the vet cannot believe that her leg recovered completely and healed so fast. She is now running everywhere like a crazy girl and is very happy. A big thank you.
~ Isabelle Audinet, France
February 2009


Laila, you did great! I called the vet this morning at 11 and I was happy to learn I could come fetch her. Last night they weren’t sure she would survive. The secretaries told me she was much better since this morning! You are magic!
Perle is sleeping and snoring next to me on the little bed in the office. She ate twice her special kibble and has not thrown up which is a good sign. She still doesn’t want to drink but she knows what is best for her. I am very grateful to you!
~ Isabelle Mejanel, France
February 2009

My dog Tallulah got suddenly and violently ill one night. When I got her out of my car she collapsed on the ground and would not move, and her eyes closed, she was breathing, but not well. A friend suggested I call Laila, rather than run her to the emergency room on a Sunday night. I crossed my fingers and called her leaving her a panicked, yet detailed message, asking if she could help Tallulah. I heard back from Laila soon after, and Tallulah was still limp on the ground. I explained in detail what I had seen happen, and told her I was worried she might have been poisoned. Laila told me she would work on her and that she would be standing up soon, but to call her if anything worsened. About 15 mins later Tallulah popped up like a piece of toast out of a toaster, she wagged her tail and pranced around. I was happily amazed. I called Laila and before I could tell her what had happend, she said: “She’s standing right? and wagging her tail?” Then she told me she wasn’t poisoned, but rather her intestines had become twisted somehow.

About 10 mins later she layed back down and was ill ridden. I called Laila back and she said that she thought that might happen, but would get her stronger as soon as she could. And sure enough Tallulah is alive and well and I am so happy that I was fortunate enough to have Laila help us. Thank you! Kindly,
~ Natascha Snellman,
Los Angeles

I just finished walking Tootles. I am amazed. She walked and was out of pain and then for the first time in months she jumped up on the couch! The caregiver downstairs was told about you and she is also thrilled at Tootles and might want some help, too! Thank you,

~ Michele Zukovsky, Los Angeles


I’m so impressed with how well Big is doing! He’s running with joy again and like he can’t get tired. Of course, he does get tired eventually but it’s such a delight to watch him bounding around now!
He’s also doing much better with not tearing things up in the house, although he had a little slip this morning but it was only a paper bag–not a very big mess. 🙂 So, thank you thank you.
~ Kris Flaten

My 15 year old lab/chow mix, Grace, had a stroke. When I got up in the morning, she was unable to get up. She was alert, but couldn’t get herself up.   An emergency call to Laila was in order.  On the second day of Laila’s healing work, a miracle happened. Grace got up. You could see how proud of herself she was. Her eyes sparkled with pride in her accomplishment.  Grace has continued to improve and I feel blessed she and I can spend more quality time together.

~ Gwen Lyndsong




Jojo was a wonderful, sweet natured animal, who was like a child to me. He was friendly towards other animals, and even brought home a homeless little Yorkie, whom we’ve since called Benny. When we adopted Jojo he was already a senior citizen. We had him for three years. A few months ago he developed some pain in his hips. It made it difficult for him to walk. I found out about Laila in the dog park, and thought that she could help Jojo. After Jojo’s first visit with Laila there was a huge improvement in him, he walked smoothly, with no stiffness in his joints. However, Jojo’s time had come….just like it would for everyone. The day before Thanksgiving, he passed away in his sleep. God Bless You Jojo. I love you very much and miss you. I will see you again my angel…. one day!
~ S. Weragoda

Dear Laila,
Just want to say hello and tell you that Olaf is doing much better, he is going home today … I like to send you my love and Thank You for everything you did, we’re all in great spirit that Olaf is still with us…
Love and Happiness,
~ Jean-Paul
June 2010

My thirteen years old dog Olaf swallowed a sock that became stuck between his stomach and his intestine. This incident turned out to be far more serious than it looked. The sock had a “cork” effect on his stomach. He was throwing-up everything he swallowed. 24 hours after I noticed he was sick, he couldn’t stand up. I had to take him to an emergency animal hospital. On the way to the Vet, he started having trouble breathing and he was not moving when we arrived. The vet told me later that Olaf had such low blood pressure when he arrived that I would have lost him only a few minutes later. It appeared that on top of his stomach problem, he had also developed pneumonia due to the fact that he inhaled his own vomit and couldn’t breathe. After a difficult stomach and intestine surgery, I received the next day a pessimistic phone call about his health and chances of recovery. On top of his surgery and respiratory problems, they found intestine bacteria in his blood which indicated a ‘leak’. My options were a new surgery, put him to sleep or wait for an unlikely recovery. The situation being more than desperate, a friend advised me to contact Laila Del Monte. After asking me a few questions and a picture of Olaf, she started working on him at a distance. The next day, his status was stable though he was still under oxygen. The bacteria were not in his blood anymore. Three days later, his pneumonia was 80% gone and he was ready to go home. Laila kept on working on him all this time and I am extremely grateful for the help she provided to me and my pet. I wouldn’t hesitate to use the word ‘miracle’ for what happened, even the veterinarian was astounded by the way Olaf recovered,
Thank you Laila!
~ Thierry

After a few days he is much better: his respiration is almost normal; his abdomen is less swollen; he is more energetic, seems more alert and his appetite is good. He has recovered very well; his respiration is a bit “shorter” and noisier than before, but normal according to Anne Hernalsteens, the veteniarian. As for the rest, Twinky has recovered force and energy. His behavior is back to normal and he is fairly calm.

Hello Laila.
What has changed in Twinky a month later? He is definitely calmer than before. Before he was always anxious, nervous, on the alert, noisy (he barked, whimpered, yapped… Before Twinky I had never had a dog that emitted so many different sounds!), always on the lookout to get attention. Even lying down, he would lie in a sphinx-like position, ready to rise at the smallest noise. Now when lying down, he is on his flank and in places that he avoided before.He eats better than before. When I give him his dish now, he starts eating and finishes the meal; before, he would eat it all, but in several episodes.
He tries to lick us much less than before. He was always very attached to me (I was the one who got him out of the refuge where he had been abandoned), but since his cardiac problems he seeks my company even more and  accompanies me everywhere in the house.
To sum up, Twinky is now in good physical health. His respiration is still a bit too noisy and jerky, but he has recovered his old energy and vitality.
Once again, a thousand thanks for your very precious help!
~ Anne V.
June 2010

Twinky is fine. His breathing is now normal. Thank you a thousandfold!
July 2010

LillyLILLY: was in critical respiratory condition. Non determined diagnosis
Dear Laila, Lilly is doing really well. It is simply amazing what a difference two weeks ~ pure intent ~ divine love ~ healing light and grace can do!  It is a MIRACLE !!!
Today she and Leo went to a wonderful place to be groomed.  She looks adorable and is breathing easily and seems very content. She is off all meds and is has 4 more prednisone to take (every other day) to complete this dosage.
I am giving both Lilly and Leo the Colostrum  (250 mg per day) ½ a capsul each. I am so very grateful for the support and healing that has transpired on Lilly’s behalf.
With immense gratitude and love,
~ Laura
June 2010

MaxMAX: Vascular cerebral accident.
I am writing these few lines three weeks after our dear Max was struck with a cerebral vascular accident. Fortunately, we rapidly identified the symptoms and went, at four o’clock in the morning, straight to our veterinary doctor. He was very sympathetic and received us in the middle of the night and gave Max the primary care needed. The next morning I contacted Laila whom I had met during two of her seminars on animal communication. We were distraught, but I knew that she could help our Max if he wished to be helped. And that is exactly what happened!
As soon as Max accepted her and Laila did a healing on him, we saw constant progress in his condition. In fact he recovered within two hours from another malaise which normally should have taken a dozen hours to recover from. Every day saw new improvements in his condition: movements that were less shaky, straighter lines of trajectory, nights less often interrupted by going out to the garden, a more restful sleep, a better appetite!
These improvements were expressed by Max’s changing attitude: he was so anxious at the beginning of his illness, became more confident in the following days and was positively joyous these past hours! Laila worked on everything that the illness had upset, giving of her time, sharing her love and her wonderful aptitudes so that Max could recover his well-being. Laila knows how to be very close to her small patients and their family, never leaving any question unanswered. I really appreciated how she reacted to every problem that arose.
Today Max is well and has recovered his habitual joyous attitude as well as his self confidence. It is true that Max is an old dog (he will be 14 in a few months), but he acts the way he always did before his cerebral accident.

Dear Laila. I wish to express my profound gratitude, as well as that of my family, both human and animal, for the marvellous work you did with Max, my dearly beloved dog! You have allowed us to continue on our path together, we humans with Max and his three pals the cats. Thanks to you we can live a bit longer side by side and enjoy the happiness of being together and being together for each other. Cordially,
~ Bé C.
June 2010

ParodiePARODIE: Torsion of stomach
My dog Parodie who had a stomach twist three weeks ago is now in great shape since you worked on her. I am eternally grateful to you!
Many thanks,
~ Nathalie C.
May 2010



EtoupeETOUPE: fractured atlas and crushed larynx.Euthanasia was considered
Etoupe is doing really well. She is holding her head up high and her eyes are wide open. One can practically not see any difference now between her and a “normal” dog.





Etoupe afterShe still makes a little sound when she breathes but much less now. We know it takes time but she is getting better every day, little by little! That is the news. Best wishes,
~ Carole
May 2010






LotusLOTUS: cardiovascular problem andaneurysm
Lotus recovered the health he had before his first aneurysm! (This was the second one.) Sometimes when he gets excited now he slips on his back legs. Thank you so much for your help. Danielle has recovered her morale and Lotus his health. Life is not a long tranquil river but the friendship and help you have given us has certainly made it sweeter!
~ Danielle and Patrick.
May 2010




Hello, Laila. I’m not sure you remember me and my dog Chester who had abdominal and back pain that was never diagnosed. You worked on him a while back, distance. This is to thank you from the bottom of my heart because since you’ve worked on him he is a HAPPY and balnced dog! He plays, runs, jumps, frolicks and moves with not a sign of pain! It is extraordinary and I must admit it is from your work as until july 09 there was no improvement with any of the veterinary treatments. Since you started working on him he felt fine!
I just wanted to give you the good news a few months later!
With my most sincere gratitude
~ Nadia G., France
April 2010

Tootles10TOOTLES: Pancreatitis attack. Levels went down from 1000 to 184 overnight after your healing
Beverly Oaks animal hospital was thrilled with what you did and they want to use you for other animals in trouble. Thanks so much. Love,
~ Michele
. Los Angeles
March 2010

7 months after diagnosis of malignant cancer in mouth
She is doing great—unbelievable!!!!
~ Michele
May 2010



TickyTICKY: Had cardiac insufficiency and pulmonary oedema in 2009
Hello, Laila,
I went back to my vet for my dog’s yearly vaccine. He found that Ticky is now in excellent condition! Ticky was on a diet as he had gained weight (yes, he loves eating). Now I need to watch that he doesn’t gain weight for his heart. Ticky is in great shape now; he is like an athlete! He only coughs when he gets angry but it’s not serious. I lent your book on animal communication to my vet who found it very interesting. He thinks it is marvelous that one can communicate with an animal. He spoke about it to another doctor too.
Have a good evening. Best wishes,
~ Karine. France
March 2010

Bonnie is doing so much better since Laila has been working with her. JazzBo’s sudden passing was extremely hard on her as well as the serious respiratory problems and coughing. I am so grateful that Daria and Randy referred us to Laila.
~ Carolyn. Los Angeles
February 2010

Just wanted to say a VERY BIG THANK YOU… yesterday Bonnie heard the doorbell, got down and headed for the front door along the way barking!!! I don’t think we have heard her little voice since January, maybe once but I don’t think at all. Funny thing, the night before she was wolfing slightly as she dreamed.
Bonnie is doing so much better and we are so grateful and thankful for your support. With love and gratitude,
~ Carolyn, Philip & Bonnie
March 2010

SissiSISSI:  colon inflammation
My Italian greyhound, 11 years old,  has always suffered from intestinal fragility. Yet lately she had diarrhea, mucus blood in her stools and gurgling sounds in her tummy! She wasn’t eating and seemed sad. One evening there was a pool of blood. The veterinarian wanted to do a coloscopy which needed general anaesthesia and a specific diet. I didn’t want to impose that on Sissi so I called Laila. Sissi got better with ups and downs at first, but now she is much better. No more diarrhea, no more blood or strange gurgling sounds and she has nice stools. She has also regained her apettite and jumps up with joy when I bring her food. She also seems happier and more relaxed. She doesn’t look her age. It’s such a pleasure! It is thanks to Laila for her healing. I will not hesitate to call her again. My little Sissi is so dear to me!
~ Pascale, France
February 2010



ElanaELANA: Fractured pelvic bone
Dear Laila. Hello.
I am sending you two pictures of Elana so you can see her playing with me. This is her message to you: “I am doing great, a big dog kiss and tons of thanks to you!”
She has totally recovered her strength and energy. Her locomotion is almost perfect now and she is walking regularly which should strengthen her muscles. She now comes with me every day to feed the horses in the field. Chouia Enka and Stacky are there. All those animals are doing fine and it is mainly thanks to you. We are very happy with this outcome!
~ Odile, France. February 2010

Elana is doing marvelously well. She has resumed her normal life and is running and jumping like a 10 month- old puppy. She is all rejuvenated!
~ Odile,
March 2010

LuluLULU: pancreatitis
Laila is such an amazing healer! My dog Lulu was extremely sick with pancreatitis. She hadn’t eaten in days and was visibly in a lot of pain. I called Laila and she did some distance healing on her. Afterwards, Lulu started to eat again and within a few days, she was back to normal. The vet was surprised at how quickly she’d recovered. She’s now doing better than ever! Laila is compassionate, caring and her abilities are beyond belief!
~ Eileen Gonzalez, Texas
January 2010



EnzoENZO had IBS (inflammatory bowel syndrome)
Hello, Laila. A thousand thanks for having helped Enzo. We had 12 months of hell! Now Enzo is much better thanks to you. Continue the good work and thank you for all you do! Kind regards,
~ Claudia. France
January 2010




Vicky is much better. We already saw the improvement last week. Since yesterday, he is in great shape, it’s such a pleasure to see him like that, it’s really miraculous!
~ Charles B.,

December 2010

Good evening, Laila. Above all I want to thank you for your intervention because Lea is well. I waited before giving you the news, because even I can hardly believe what I see. When one knows that six weeks ago the vet wanted to put her down and yet that she is still here in good shape (for her age, of course), I don’t understand anything, but the main thing is that she is here. No matter how, or why; what counts is the result.  With my most friendly salutations and thanks.
~ Lila,
November 2010

I think Max is saved. He hasn’t vomited today and he has also defecated, so the passage is working. He is hungry but he still doesn’t want to exercise, but that will come eventually. WHAT A RELIEF! I AM SO HAPPY THAT MY MAX IS BETTER! THANK YOU.
~ Nathalie,
November 2010

Clicking Noise of Jaw and Tongue
Max no longer has the clicking symptoms of jaw and tongue. You are also in my prayers so that Up There they will continue to protect you and give you the strength for the admirable work you do with animals in distress.
~ Mareck
October 2010

My name is Bandera. I am a galga, a Spanish greyhound. I was brought into France by the Association Galgos France which takes care of greyhounds and other martyred races in Spain. I was seriously wounded during a fight with other dogs in the family that took me in and I was taken rapidly to the veterinarian.
Perfusions, antibiotics, all kinds of medication were used to help me, but all the same I came out with a septicaemia; I was bitten everywhere and my wounds were very serious. The emergency care continued non-stop for 24 hours, in spite of the serious condition I was in, to help me as much as possible. The members of the association wanted to do their utmost to help cure me.

Bandera afterI felt weak and that is when Laila contacted me. I wanted to live and I told her so. The veterinarians thought it would take several months for me to recover if I survived.
Today, two months later, I am very well, am once again on my paws as I gambol on the fresh grass. My scars are big but I am alive, I am here on Earth and my eyes shine with happiness and with gratitude for Laila. My contacts with this fantastic woman are very strong and I believe she will remember me. In any case I hold her in my heart for ever.
Thank you Laila, thanks to all those who fought so that I could live. I love life. — Bandera
~ Aurora,

September 2010

Hello Laila. I am sending you news of my dog Thurian.
He is very well, in really good shape.
There! I’ll keep you informed of his next cardiac control at the veterinarian. Sincerely,
~ Emilie.
September 2010


So now her walk is more supple than before. Sometimes, when she gets up she hardly limps at all. It’s true that I found that she was better because she’s once again her mischievous self! Her desire to tease Louki is really back.
~ Elodie J.
September 2010

Qara is doing very well. I think your healing has really helped her. She is in good shape!
~ Elodie,
December 2010

Hello Laila.
Here is the news concerning Jessie. Yesterday, she really impressed me. She slept all morning, but in the afternoon she was in great shape. So I took her out for a bit and we met some of her dog pals. She ran a little and wanted to play (but it is difficult for her because I don’t think she sees very well, so she is afraid to run too far away). Then we came home and she practically didn’t sleep until evening. Moreover, she jumped up onto the bed which she hadn’t been able to do for a while. I almost had the feeling that she was the same as she had been before all this.
~ Anne W.
September 2010

Yesterday she was like a puppy, running a lot and playing. After her operation her eyes were running. Now they don’t run anymore. Also her gait is less stiff. She eats with a good appetite. She is much better. Thank you for your help.
~ Anne W.
June 2010

Hello Laila,
I hope you are well. I have the feeling that the 80% improvemnet that you  mentioned have been reached. Aoum is in very good shape. he is calmer in terms of his acrobatics and his condition seems stable. Really, I thank you, thank you.
Kisses and take care of yourself.
~ Noee M.
August 2010



A week later.

Hello Laila. Gaia is well, almost the way she was before. It seems that she has recovered all her faculties. Outside she still seems somewhat disoriented, but she is all right in the house; she goes to her basket again and recognizes different places. She once again caresses us and rubs up against us and has recovered her strong character. We have given her lighter food, cut out fats and added more cheese, and so on. It works and she does not clamor for more. Wonderful! All in all she is back with us and well. Thank you for your work.
Have a good day. Cordially,
~ Marie
August 2010

Hello. Gaia is well and seems to be back to normal. She goes outside for her physical needs and seems to be in good shape. Once again, thank you for all you have done. Gratefully,
~ Marie D.

Ophelie IS DOING GREAT. The vet is very happy.
Thank you for all you have done for her.
~ Helene
August 2010



For those of you who know my dogs Lilly and Leo, they are my “kids” and my family. I can tell you first hand that Laila was instrumental in saving Lilly’s life back in May 2010. Just weeks before my husband Dennis and I were scheduled to move to San Diego and drive cross-country with our two pups, our 7 year old Cavalier King Charles Spaniel, Lilly, had been diagnosed with an upper and lower respiratory infection and was in the hospital in an oxygen incubator. She was not responding to the antibiotics and by the fourth day of no improvement, the doctors were less than hopeful of her prognosis.
I contacted Laila in Spain and she took Lilly on as an emergency client. From a distance, Laila was able to communicate with Lilly and energetically work on her from a mental, physical and spiritual levesl. Within 5 hours of contacting Laila, Lilly had made a sudden and significant improvement that the DR’s were unable to justify or explain. That same day, she was taken off the oxygen and was released from the hospital. During the first 6 days that Laila was treating Lilly, she was in contact with me by phone and email daily (calling me from Spain), her compassion, love, divine wisdom was a healing presence for me and the entire family. Lilly has been under Laila’s care for the past 3 months and I am pleased to report that Lilly has a new lease on life. She is happier than she has ever been, strong, balanced and very healthy.
I write this with immense gratitude for the collective group consciousness oflove and light that works in and through Laila and heartfelt thanks to Laila for being a pure channel of love for which this healing energy can flow through, You are true light in this world!
~ Laura Gwen . spiritual leader, teacher
August 2010

Dear Laila,
I saw Choupette in consultation on Friday June 25th, and I would like to give you feedback. I am in awe at the spectacular evolution of the right ear.



Choupette 1There is no more hyperthrophy, I could see perfectly inside the ear which up to now was impossible. It still bothered him slightly when I put in the product.
I was able to clean out the ear. I am so much in awe that I took pictures.




Choupette 3There is almost no difference now between the two ears!  I am so happy to see how this evolved.
Thank you, Laila and thank Life!
~ Anouck Haverbeke
Doctor in Veterinary Medicine, PhD in Ethology
July 2010