little_princeLITTLE PRINCE: Lameness and terrified of the donkey

Here are some news from Little Prince. I noticed a dramatic change
First of all, he does not limp any more and I can start again to work him gradually. For now, I run him on a rather soft ground and not more than 15 minutes. He has a lot of energy and is willful I even dared to work in the round pen which he was afraid of doing before He is more and more reassured.Then, this is incredible, he now shares the same meadow with the donkey, he used to be terrified of him!
I want to thank Laila for giving back health, peace and calmness to Little Prince.






kjarvalKJARVAL: Very severe lameness… euthanasia is considered
Before he was depressed and euthanasia was considered ( the owner can not bear to see her animals suffer). Since (your healing) he has recovered this foot position is modified, we think he’s now on the right track!



isatisISATIS: Laminitis

Hello Laila, I find Isatis a whole lot better!
She is working again and has regained energy, she used to be so tired and in pain when she had the laminitis last August.
Thank you for everything!

I warmly thank Laila and her team for their availability, listening and support.


quimperleeQUIMPERLÉE: 2 serious diseases

Quimperlée cumulated two diseases with very strange symptoms (edema, sweating, heart disorders, pale mucous membranes …). Thanks to the work of Laila, Quimperlée recovered a and is now in a very decent state of health. The help of Laila has also allowed me to avoid administering a heavy veterinary treatment! I feared the effects of the meds given that the PSSM affects his heart.
Laila, thank you very sincerely for your work. I admire the beautiful person you are. Your love for animals is truly unconditional.







KOUMA: Paralysis (they were considering euthanasia)

Kouma status has improved significantly, he is not completen healed but he is much better, we were even able to let him go to the meadow with the others during the day and played,he trotted and galloped!

He is eating well and gained weight and also his spirit! for me, the results of this month are very positive, I think he’s out of the woods now and I thank Laila infinitely


PrasadPRASAD: Thick tongue due to viral infection. No improvement from medication.

Hello Laila,

Prasad’s tongue is all healed! It’s very good news thanks you!




ParfumPARFUM: Very serious colic. Vet wants to euthanize.

That night where we almost lost Perfume

It was 11 pm and I got a call from my son, who was still at the stables with the owner of Parfum
he was in severe colic. He had had surgery for that same reason 4/5 months before…
The veterinarian told them that this time around if the colic persisted they should euthanize.
The owner collapsed… and my son did not want to accept this verdict so he called me to contact Laila…
I did, not knowing where she would be…
preparing to take a plane the next day to return to Europe…
She started the healing immediately and then Perfume’s colic was calmed!
The veto on site from Switzerland was ready for the final solution and remarked that as Laila was working at (and all of this in Los Angeles… as Parfum is based in Alsace, France…) The improvement was quick and almost instantaneous…
Here again is a beautiful testimony of the help that Laila brings to our four legged companions with all her love and dedication…
Many thanks to her…



GarouGAROU: Lameness and pain for many years in right back leg,unresolved by traditional medicine.

Hello Laila ,
This little message to say a huge thank you from the bottom of my heart . Garou is not limping at all this morning , it is miraculous and your perseverance pays off. I am overwhelmed with joy.
Garou is doing rather well ! He is very fit.
I want to thank you very much for helping him!
Thank you from the heart again!

Delphine & Garou

ElliotELLIOT: Fracture roof of palate veterinary does not want to operate

After 3 days of intensive distance healing : Elliot is in great shape, yes !
He bites again and eats with no problem!
Thank you , Laila !





FlingerFLINGER : Sarcoid

Good evening Laila , always happy to connect with you!
to transcribe the reduction of the sarcoid thanks to your healing , between February 2014 and today, it has gone from 1kg to about 100 g .
with all my friendship



PacalyPACALY : Apathy and weight loss due to piroplasmosis

Pacaly is much better!
The veterinary control is very satisfactory, the blood test is perfect! However, he remains a little bit stiff in his back but it would be the consequences of the piroplasmosis as she lost a lot of muscle ( the pyro will tap into the reserves of the muscle cells before fat ) . With a little practice and time, everything should return to normal. thank you so much!









PrasadPRASAD: Fractured hock and operation

Prasad was operated from a fractured left shin bone to withdraw 7 pieces of bone. Besides the conventional veterinary care I asked Laila to kindly do healing for Prasad and the results were well beyond my expectations: 7 days after operation, Prasad was walking quite normally
To the surprise of the veterinarian, Prasad never had edema, the wound h was perfect and he is now working quite normally, without the slightest trace of lameness. It is a perfect recovery.
According to the vet, this an amazing recovery ! He says the only thing that we can not ask him is to become jumping champion … Knowing that Prasad does not like it and neither do I for us, everything is perfect.
Laila, I really thank you from the bottom of my heart for your help.


IntrigoINTRIGO: Lameness

Intrigo is fine now and is not limping anymore!
thank you!



After a few weeks of healing: I was able to put Decival in a small park with her pal ponies. She was so happy! Four weeks that it was no longer possible because of her condition. Thank you very much for your help!
After two months of healing: Decival is doing pretty good! Her blood test is not quite perfect yet, but otherwise she is fine now. I do not think we need to continue the healing.
She moves pretty well and is in better shape than some younger ones. She really has a good morale now, so I think that’s the main thing!
~ Anne,
February 2016

For the horse Agramant, a beautiful big horse of 4 yrs, it was difficult to  walk. After taking X-rays the verdict of the vet was: a small detached bone located near the navicular bone seemed to be the origin of his discomfort but not operable… It meant putting the horse in the prime of  his age in pasture and he would not enjoy life, living with pain…
What to do? I turned to Laila and showed her the X-rays. She agreed to take care of Agramant. After a few weeks of intensive healing from Laila, he walked better and better. He was able to start jumping again. The vet was so surprised! When we redid the X-rays there was only left a tiny trace of the bone in the foot! No more pain!
Many thanks to Laila for her precious time spent to relieve our fellow four-legged friends!
~ Catherine,
February 2016

I think you can stop the healing for Chamane now. She is eating normally again and she has no more fever. We really do not know what it was.
Anyway, thank you so much for her healing.
~ Sonia,
January 2016