Horses – 2017

QUERO: Torn ligament with bone fragments in the knee

Quero is now walking very well and is very calm. He is also much happier and more playful.
There is still a slight swelling but it is much better than at the beginning of Laila’s healing.
I thank you from the bottom of my heart for all the help you gave to Quero.



QUINDIE: Douleurs gastriques avec suspicion d’ulcères

Quindie va bien, elle a repris du poids et à perdu son gros ventre gonflé…
Je vous remercie encore pour l’aide que vous avez apporté à Quindie

Bonne soirée



LUDWIG: Synovitis front leg

Ludwig is much better! Laila’s work has really contributed to his recovery.

Laila I want to thank you from the bottom of my heart for the healing of Ludwig. Your healing and support has been invaluable.

Thank you to your team for its prompt responsiveness









GAZELLE: Cushings disease and skin problems

After 3 weeks of healing

Gazelle is so much better, her skin problems are now completely resolved! She still has the œdèma on the anus. Thank you so much!



ZITA: Lesions tendon

The vet said it healed very nicely and he confirmed with an ultra sound.
Thank you from the bottom of my heart for the healing.










MALIBU: Œdème around the trachea with serious respiratory failure

Hi Laila,
I wanted to thank you for the healing you did on Malibu. I never thought he could go back to normal!
Thank you also to all your team.


SAMRA: Lameness. Suspected tumor

Dear Laila,

Samra is much better and no longer needs to go into scintigraphy. She was x-rayed yesterday and there is no bone or osteoarthritis problem. She walks well.
I am convinced that your healing has benefited her and that she is better off thanks to the healing you have given her. Even the mass that she has in the neck has decreased and it is less hard than before.
A big thank you from me and from her!
meeting you has been a big stroke of luck!

See you soon,


KESSERA: Mass on shoulders (left – before, right – after)

She is well now and the mass in her shoulder has completely disappeared . also her belly is less swollen
Thank you. Warmly,








PACALY: Stomach ulcers

Pacaly is eating again and not loosing weight. She is much better since you started helping her even if she is still sensitive to climat changes and traveling.
I thank Laila from the bottom of my heart for all you do for animals.



CRACK: Loss of mane due to allergy

His mane has grown back and he is not itching anymore!






FRUBI: Lameness due to degenerative arthritis

Frubi is much better! Thank you dear Laila, to see Frubi walking again gives me hope at this time in my life!





QUERI: Deep wound that doesn’t heal

Hello, Queri is in great shape his wound is healed and his leg is cold. I thank you from the bottom of my heart, your healing for Queri has been perfect one more time!
Wishing you sweet and peaceful moments.
With love and light,



LEGAT: Bone edema

Legat was suffering from bone edema for a long time with no improvement
After 3 months of healing from Laila he is moving really well and there is no difference between the ‘two legs ( which was not the case before)
He is in good shape he is joyful and happy and is moving well!
Thank you. With my friendship,






BICHON: Cut tendon

He’s not doing bad. He can put his foot down and even was running around like crazy today
His spirits are up too
Thank you for all your healing
Happy new year 2017 to all the furry animals!








Parfum is fine and is now in great shape!




IBIS: Cólic due to twist. Reserved prognostic

HI Laila
I got news of Ibis and he is fine now!
Thank you very much



CALIN: Loss of state, reserved prognostic

Calin has recovered his state, the veterinarian did not have any hope this summer
I don’t know how to thank you for helping us to keep him !
He is the horse that was offered to us by our dad!

Carine and Céline