BODESTO: Tendinitis

Hello Laila,
I would like to stop the healings for Bodesto because he is a little better. I will bring him next to Bordeaux to be in the meadow with another horse, the time that his tendon repairs itself more.
I will not fail to call you in a few months. I thank you again for all the healing.

Thank you,


RIVER: Nerve degeneration that causes rear train paralysis

River is stable and the weather is better, I think we can suspend Laila’s healing for a while.
When Laila helps my animal friends, I feel her beautiful light among us. Thank her for me. I am grateful to her, with all my heart.


COVIL: Strokes

I wanted to give news of my Covil horse that Laila healed 2 years ago for a series of strokes. He is 30 years old now, he has recovered almost everything from these paralysis. He is still enjoying life, is galloping and I am very lucky thanks to Laila’s distance healing . He was dying and every day is a gift.
Thank you very much for this extension of love that she offered me, Véronique

KIS OF THE ARCHES: Osteoarthritis and tendon problems

Yes of course, thanks to Laila I know that I now have solutions for Kis.It’s been a long time since I saw him in such good shape (much to the despair of his friends! Because he is dominant!). I just regret not having known Laïla 8 years ago now. We would both have saved time to help him. A very big thank you to you.
Kindly, Safia

PRINCE: Traumatic neuritis of the brachial plexus

I don’t need to continue the remote for Princy because she is better. Thank you and my regards to Laila.
Regards, Sophie