Laila del Monte’s healing sessions for suffering animals are done at a distance thanks to her connection with the subtle dimensions of light. This is not a technique such as reiki, magnetism, or other widely available practices. Laila can improve the health and relieve the suffering of your animal in conjunction with their veterinary treatments. Once your pet’s initial health report has been approved, Laila del Monte will start the treatments for your pet.

Laila will do a total of seven distance healing sessions over a three-week period. She organizes these sessions according to the needs of your pet. Your pet does not need to be awake. The information you provide in the form is important for Laila’s work. We ask you to be clear and concise and to give us news of your pet’s progress regularly. It is recommended that you do not combine the energy healing provided by Laila with other types of energy healing during her treatment. Thank you for your understanding.

To request a distance healing send an email to: infolailadelmonte@gmail.com

290 USD for 7 healing sessions over 3 weeks: https://www.paypal.me/lailadelmonte/290

Or by VENMO to Laila del Monte.

Please write to infolailadelmonte@gmail.com prior to payment. You will be asked to fill in a form with the information of your pet which will include diagnosis nutrition and supplements.