Laila del Monte and Animal Comunication… an extraordinary event

Laila del Monte meets the manager of an equestrian center that she has never been to before.
Laila communicates with some horses there and reveals very concrete aspects of their daily life and how they feel. Laila clearly shows how animal communication is possible and that animals have thoughts and feelings. She also shows that animals are aware of everything that is going on around them — they are aware of the words of the people close to them. Laila shows how they are affected by events.
The manager of the equestrian center validates the information that Laila gives him through the point of view of the horse and is very surprised when Laila recounts how the horse feels about one of the riders .

Laila Del Monte Lectures on Animal Communication

Laila Del Monte lectures about Animal Communication at Lionheart Institute

Laila Del Monte lecturing at the Bodhi Tree Bookstore June 2010.