Cats – 2017

SWEET: FIV, lésions in colon, pain and vomiting

The change began to be felt the last days of 2017. I wanted to observe it before making my decision to stop Laila’s healing. He’s fine, I feel like I’ve found him again With his habits and his little character.
Laila’s help was very precious to both of us. I really think that an animal does not enter the life of a human by chance. This experience, as difficult as it may have been at times, made me grow. I really like the fact that Laila says that the human is the “guardian” not the master or the owner of an animal. It is clear that I am the guardian of this cat, but he is also my guardian and a very wise guide.
We will continue to take care of each other. I really want to thank you all, Laila and her team for the healing and the support provided. I really wish the best for 2018 to the whole team as well as to the animal world…


WALLY: Eye ulcer

The vet oftalmologist said there was an amazing improvement in the eye of Wally and de died not to operate.





POM: Ringworm, damaged liver, high uremia

Pom is much better now, she is not throwing up anymore and her fur is soft and silky.
She is now affectionate. She’s a completely different cat now. We are very grateful.

Thank you to Laila and her spirit Doctors.







TIMOUSS: Renal failure

We went to the vet yesterday.
Timouss has gained 100 hr . Since Laila started the healing he has progressively regained weight.
He is not anemic anymore and his gums are now back to a normal color. He is also free of tachycardia.
The vet said he was in great shape!
He now plays again! It’s just incredible and marvelous!!!
Thank you again!


LILOU: High fever and skin issues due to infectious bacteria from shelter. Is not healing with meds

Lilou is much better now and is eating again
Thank you so much for your precious healing!







CALINE: Renal failure and coryza

Caline’s coryza us now neutralises, she is drinking and eating well and now spends a lot of time outdoors.
Thank you for your kindnesd and seriousness


OUILOU: Chronic diarrhea and stomach pain

Ouilou is fine now, he is stable, his appetite is normal and his digestion too. He now uses the litter box again!

Ouilou as all my other animals is part of the family and is very dear to my heart
Thank you Laila for your precious help and for giving us non intrusive solutions that work!

Thank you!

Diane Bellego

MIKO: Chronic diarrhea and vomiting

Miko is fine. Everything is normal now. I will just watch him as he’s been sick every month since he’s born!



FOUFOUNE: Gastric ulceration with probably underlying neoplastic origin

Foufoune has recovered his former form: he eats enormously, he plays , meows, claims his cuddles and purrs. But above all he doesn’t vomit anymore . . We prefer to stop the healings at the moment to leave room for another animal that may need it. Thank you so much for all that you did for our cat, you gave us hope and joy, especially for him…





NINJA: Paralysis of bladder and tail after accident

I thank Laila from the bottom of my heart for saving Ninja! Her bladder and tail were paralyzed after an accident which caused a displacement of the sacral vertebra.
The vet was not at all positive when he saw the x Ray.
Everything is now back in order thanks to Laila!





GUIZMO: Allergies

Guizmo had his vaccine and everything is fine. He is not sneezing anymore. His eyes are better, they are not red anymore and the dark color of the tears is reduced.
I am happy, he is doing quite well!



FELIX: Mass on neck

Just a word to tell you that the mass on Felix’s neck has completely disappeared. I can’t believe it. Very impressive!
Thank you Laila!



ORIGANO: Respiratory issues

My cat has almost no more respiratory issues . I am so happy to have received Laila’s help.
Thank you from the bottom of my heart for all your healing.
All the best,










CHATOUN: Poisoning from unknown source and pulmonary edema

… He started getting his life back while you were doing the healings. Great Improvement was seen daily, he is now as before “the event”, now he cleans himself, meows, eats,goes out and plays again according to his desires.
He is even going out of the window, climbing the staircase up to the roof! If he stays like this it’s perfect to not say miraculous!
Thank you from the bottom of my heart!

Elisabeth y Chatoun

SWEETIE: Chronic renal failure

Hello Laila
À warm Thank you for your great healing for Sweetie , she is much better now!











MIckouny’s eyes were running a lot, nothing very serious but still not normal . The vet gave me drops but it was impossible t give them to him!
He has also had 3 epileptic fits in one day which is a lot!
Now he is fine. I don’t know if he’s completely healed from the epilepsy but my inner voice tells me he is!
I often call Laila for healing and I recommend her. Even if you don’t believe in it, you will see, she does miracles!



ISIS: Urinates in the house

It’s fantastic! She is not urinating in the house anymore!
I don’t know how to thank you!
It’s so wonderful to be able to leave the bedroom open again and not have to wash the sheets and the sofa!
Thank you so much!









LEO: Heart disease


“It was as a result of a rather commonplace hip surgery that we discovered Leo’s heart disease. His right ventricle was 4 times larger than normal and was not doing its job to eliminate excessive anesthesia products.We almost lost him twice in a row!
The veterinarian, though very competent, couldn’t find a solution and said he had between 2 days to 2 months to live!
I called Laila. What a good idea ! Leo was better after about 2 weeks but given the severity of his illness I preferred to continue the healings for several months. Of course I still do the vet’s treatment ( pills every day). Today, he is an absolutely adorable little cat that has regained his strength, his joy of life, his inner light. He plays even more than before and comes to sleep every night glued to my belly under the sheets. I let him do it, I love so much to feel his little heart beat again.


Thanks you from the bottom of our hearts to Laila.

Valérie H. ”




VLADIMIR: Chronic gastritis

Vladimir is well now, he hasn’t been sick
I will give you news
Thank you!




Just to tell you that Safran is now doing very well. He is eating and sleeping well. He is calm and very affectionate.
He seems happy to be with us
Thanks you very much