Nooky: FIP and eye ulcer

I thank Laila with all my heart for all the healing given to Nooky and I thank Providence for putting her in my way as my cat was dying from FIP (100% deadly virus). He had lost 2kg in 1 month and after 3 days in the clinic when he stopped eating and had diarrhea, Laila took him in emergency healing and in 3 weeks he was miraculously back on his feet! He is now back to his original weight and more cuddly and complicit than before.
He also had a sore right eye ulcer and again after 3 more weeks of treatment he has no more tears. Another big thank you to Laila and all her team for the warm support.


WHAT’S NEW: Breast tumors, surgery is not possible

Good morning!
Whats New is doing extraordinarily well, even though her tumors are not deflating and continuing to grow. It doesn’t seem to bother her. The vet even called her a “miracle.” So I think we can stop treatment. Many thanks for all you do for animals and their humans!



Dear Laila,
I would like to stop the healing treatment as now Pouyou is doing great. I would like to express my deep gratitude for all your help, otherwise I don’t know how Pouyou would have managed all thru these intense times of travelling and repeated moving, while also recovering from FIP. Thank you very much again. I will for sure recommend you to any pet in need, you are a ray if hope.
Much love,


MICHY: Cruciate ligament operation

Michy is herself again. Even the veterinarian is surprised at how she walks after the knee operation, it seems that she never broke her ligament. the neurological discomfort that gave her the tingling sensation is gone and she ours her foot down at all times without problems. And she runs and jumps and goes up and down… as she was before she fell. She is playful and upbeat cheerful cat that has once again given me a master lesson in the face of pain, disability and adversity.
Thank you always Laila, from the bottom of my heart.

Maria Pilar

KIWI: Chronic cold weak immune system

He is much better: Kiwi hardly sneezes anymore. I am continuing the treatment prescribed by the homeopathic veterinarian. Thanks to Laila for the healing she has given him so far. I will not hesitate to come back to her if necessary.


SINDA: Arthritis on vertebrae that compress the tail

I would like to stop the healings for my cat, Sinda. She is much better, no longer screams in pain, moves, is no longer prostrated. She plays a bit and is back to her usual lifestyle. Thank you very much for your help.
Yours truly,


SHALOM: Stray cat from the street, sick

Another big thank you to Laila for everything she did for Tychat (Shalom) He is much better; Laila’s healing has allowed him to reveal the wonderful cat he is and he is on the right track to finding a new family.


GRISETTE: Renal failure

I adopted Grisette a little cat over 12 years old who had been attacked by dogs in her previous home and for whom I wanted nothing but happiness. And then the diagnosis of kidney failure arrived for Grisette with very little alternative to treat her. The vet’s injections to treat her only overwhelmed her and made her sick. I thought she was going to die!
I called Laila, for her distance healing sessions. Already after a few days, I saw the energy level of my Grisette increased. It was unbelievable. Gradually, all the typical signs of kidney failure (dull hair, dandruff, urea breath) disappeared.
I was also able to speak on the phone with Laila who is just exceptional and of infinite generosity. Together we determined that a second 3 week session would be ideal. And indeed, I have the impression that the disease is behind us. Grisette is doing well, eats well, is happy and beautiful. And she takes no chemical treatment, no injections.


WHAT’S NEW: Breast tumors, surgery not possible lung metastases

Good morning!
Whats New is doing extraordinarily well, even though her tumors are not deflating and continuing to grow. It doesn’t seem to bother her. The vet even called her a “miracle.” So I think we can stop treatment. Many thanks for all you do for animals and their humans!


KHALLYN: Heart disease

Good evening Laila,
A quick note to keep you up to date with Khallyn. He’s fine now. He is close to me again, eats well and is doing very well overall.
We went for his heart ultrasound for his heart disease. He has had it for over 8 years. And to my surprise, the cardiologist tells me it’s next to nothing. That he has a normal aging heart for a 15 year old cat. I admit that I am very surprised especially after the episode that just happened.
So I tell myself that it must be a miracle on your part. You saved him, you gave us extra time together. And his heart is fine for his age.
You are an angel. We thank you a billion times for your help. Without you it would have been different.

L and Khallyn

VICTORIE: Deterioration of health, liver anomaly

Hello Dear Laila.
Victoire’s treatment ends today. She is doing better even though she has probably lost some of her beautiful energy. She went through this new experience thanks to your help and that of the sky doctors. I thank you with all my heart.
Take good care of yourself. Thank you for your great availability and your kind listening.
A big hug,


ROCKY: Viral lung disease

Rocky is fine now. I think he’s healed.
Thank you for everything,



We decided to stop the energy treatments for Guismo because he is much better… Guismo had lost much weight and could no longer eat following a PIF diagnosis… he was even anemic and had neurological symptoms such as tremors and paralysis of the right front paw and especially a lot of fever… It was thanks to Laila’s first healing intervention that we were able to start the interferon injections… otherwise he was much too weak… subsequently she worked on his anemia… today we continue the injections once a month, Guismo plays, eats and climbs trees as before and we are convinced that without the intervention of Laila, her generosity, her availability and her extraordinary gift, our Guismo would no longer be with us. So thank you very much Laila!”
Very sincerely,


LOULOU: AIDS, inflammation of the intestines, diarrhea, vomiting

Good evening,
I am going to stop the Healing sessions of Loulouad he is doing better. I will not hesitate to contact you again, because he remains fragile. Thank you very much for what you do.

F. Rouard

GWENDOLINE: Damaged ligaments with bursts of osteoarthritis

I wanted to tell you that Gwendoline is doing much better, she has regained her joie de vivre and can move around normally just with a little limp! No more pain! Thank you very much for your work and your magic!!!
I wish you a great summer and see you soon,



VICTOIRE: Urinary tract infection with blood in the urine, high urea

Hello dear Laila. Victoire’s healing sessions are now over and I wanted to thank you with all my heart. Victoire is doing well. She eats. She drinks. Victoire gained 300 grams which represents almost 10% of her weight. She likes to drink the poultry broth that you advised me. I will continue to take care of her and give her lots of love. Victoire will certainly be happy that her healing can be used to restore hope. Life is mysterious. A big big thank you to Laila.
Victoire also heals my wounds with her unconditional love,


JAYNA: Kidney failure and injury to her claw

Jayna is fine, her claw is completely healed and her general condition is good. I will therefore stop the distance for Jayna which ends on June 13th. Many thanks to Laila for all the healing given to Jayna.


MOZART: Renal failure

Mozart seems more stable… He eats a lot now and sleeps a lot. He is cuddly. He’s getting better.

Thank you very much for everything,


ADAMA: Overweight and metabolic problems

Adama is doing better even though his eating behavior remains very complicated. I will discontinue distance healing and allow myself to re-solicit Laila if Adama’s condition worsens. I sincerely thank Laila for her healing.



MICHINA: Idiopathic cystitis

As for my cat Michina, I wish to stop the long distance healing , as she is much better. She no longer suffers from idiopathic cystitis and, in fact, she is no longer cowed by other cats, but rather she moves freely around the house and yard and does not hide from other cats. I think that Ms. Del Monte’s help has produced an excellent result, for which I am very grateful.
Now Michina acts like a normal cat.


GABRIO: Following laparoscopy and tumors in different organs

Gabrio is doing well: I saw his condition improve day by day. He has not had liquid at the abdomen since. He continues his treatment with cortisone a few times. A big thank you to Laila for her healing that allows us to keep Gabrio with us still some time.



HINATEA: Idiopathic cystitis

I spent years with the veterinarian to make ultrasounds, blood tests, urinary punctures. In the end the veterinarian found nothing and diagnosed idiopathic cysts. After each visit I gave him his treatment, changed his diet, I even tried homeopathy nothing worked! A few weeks later Hinatea started having cysts again…
One day I was tired that nothing relieves her, I was tired of feeling helpless of his ill-being, so I decided to call Laila. Thanks to Laila this has been a year now that Hinatea is much better.

I thank Laila for the healing she brough to relieve my little Hinatea,



Henson had had respiratory and digestive health problems due to his marked hypersensitivity and had previously improved thanks to Laila’s help, along with veterinary care. But one day he became very, very seriously ill, he needed to be admitted to the hospital and his life was in serious danger. We finally learned that it was cat flu, complicated with severe pain and extreme anorexia. The healing of Laila was intense and he little by little got ahead, we saw progress every week. I consider it a miracle that he is still with us and now, three months later, he is as if nothing had happened to him. Laila had already helped other cats of my family in more or less serious situations, but this time the veterinary prognosis was really not hopeful. The Light came back in those dark days.

Thank you Laila from the heart always,

Maria Pilar

ATLAS: Coryza and wounds

Atlas looks fine to me and I don’t think he needs any more healing. He has a healthy appetite and his injuries have healed. I thank Laila for the healing she gave to my dear cat (very calm by the castration) And yesterday for the first time, in 5 years when he established himself on my terrace, I saw him play!
We’ve come so far!


SMOKY: Hyperesthesia

I will stop for the healings for moment because Smoky seems better and stable in his behavior, if you don’t mind I will come back to you if I feel a need again… Thank you very much to you to Laila for the healing I always feel when there is progress!

Ps: a little hello from Smoky, and also Mocha, whom Laila has looked after with healing for a long time who is still doing very well.
Warmly, Delphine

MISTY: High urea, prostrate, can’t climb anymore

Hello Laila,
We can stop the energy treatments because our cat Misty is better now; almost all her fears are now pacified thanks to your healing intervention; she has regained the stability that she had before her health concerns. Thank you very much for your availability, your listening skills, your kindness and your gentleness; and also for the competence of your team.
Good continuation in your benefactor actions, Annie

MALICE: Lymphoplasmacytic gastritis

Malice is much better since the treatment of Laila, she does not complain of digestive pain and eats well, she is lively and very playful, she bears her name so well!
Thank you Laila you are wonderful, Celeste

BIDULE: Renal failure and arthritis

We can stop the healings for Bidule he is now stable.
Thanks a lot, Marianne

MOUSTIQUE: Osteoarthritis and renal failure

The 21-day period of healing is coming to an end, on December 29, I believe, I have come to confirm that Mosquito is much better. He urinates less often and drinks less often. He digests well and his osteoarthritis makes him suffer less. Although winter has set in, he doesn’t like the snow that prevents him from going out, he looks calm and serene although he can appear dejected and gloomy. I am really amazed at the improvement in Mosquito’s health and I thank Laïla from the bottom of my heart!
I am very happy that our earth bears beings like her, a pity of their rarity! I express to her all my immense gratitude and my blissful admiration! Fabienne

VICTOIRE: Kidney failure and heart problem

Hello dear Laila,
Victoire’s healing sessions are now over and I wanted to thank you with all my heart. Victoire is doing well. She’s eating, she’s drinking.
We just arrive from the vet where she received an antibiotic injection.This treatment has been given to her every two weeks since the urinary tract infection from which she suffered. The veterinarian prefers to maintain this treatment a little longer. Victoire has gained back 300 grams which represents almost 10% of its weight. She likes to drink the poultry broth that you advised me.
.I will continue to take care of her and give her lots of love.
Thank you Laila, with my immense gratitude. Victoire will certainly be happy that her healing can be used to restore hope to others. Life is mysterious. A big big thank you to Laila. Victoire also heals my wounds with her unconditional love.
Happy New Year to each of you, Isabelle

MIMINE: Weight loss and weakness due to diabetes with a level of more than 5 before insulin

I wesh to stop Laila’s remote Healing for Mimine because he is better. He has regained a normal life, his appetite, and is no longer in pain. Thank you very much for everything and I will be sure to call on you again if Mimine relapses.
Thank you again and all the best, Maryline