Cats – Before 2010

My cat Ben had suffered from an ailment for almost a year. His head was shaking, he was off his food; looked listless and unwell. Three different vets were unable to find the cause of the problem.
Laila began working with Ben and sensed that the problem was in hisinner ear. She began regular healings, from France!
Within a couple of weeks, he was doing better. After 3 months,  Ben has fully recovered. He has his appetite back, is playful and no longer shaking his head. Not at all.Laila is immensely gifted, and I am deeply grateful for the very good fortune in having found her.
~ Belinda
Bauer. Los Angeles
December 2009

Meanwhile Ben is doing very well since you worked on him last year. No more ear problems at all! He is a different cat; much more energy and eating well.

I am happy to report that our Jack is still alive and pretty well – amazingly enough. After you worked on him he improved enormously. My fantastic vets had put a plan in place to improve his anemia while continuing to fight his advancingheart disease, as well as caring for his kidney disease and lung mass (amazing in itself).  They were hopeful, but cautiously so.  When I took him in for his check up after you had started working on him, they were elated and very surprised to find that his heart disease had not only slightly improved as they were hoping , but that his heart had shrunk back to nearly normal size!  Also, happily, not only had his anemia improved, but his red blood cell count was completely normal (even if a bit high in fact). We are still struggling with his kidney values and if the poor little guy hadn’t been through enough, I fell down the stairs while carrying him a couple of weeks ago . We both got pretty banged up, but he is a trooper.  He is walking with a limp in his front leg, the cause of which we can’t figure out yet  as the vets couldn’t find anything broken, but otherwise he is  in high spirits.
He is outside exploring and smelling everything – his energy level is pretty good – and purring and snuggling.  He has finally stopped peeing in the kitchen, and is sleeping outside on the deck in the day and with us at night again; no more lonely loitering at night. So much the better.  And thank you for whatever it is that you are able to do that made my little guy so much better.  His happiness and quality of life are my main concerns.  Thanks again,
~ April Kelley, Los Angeles
April 2009

After the communication that you did with our cat Mimi, a major bone spur on her spinal column that was very painful disappeared. It had appeared three months ago.  Also Mimi is being treated homeopathically by a very good vet. His remark: Mimi is aging but she seems to be getting younger.  Astonishing!
~ Agathe Long, Paris, France
February 2009

The last visit to the vet of my cat Leo was excellent. The vet couldn’t believe the improvement he saw. He even said there must have been Divine Intervention!
Leo’s eye is so much better. There is still a slight veil over it, but it is barely noticeable. He can see now and the lesion isn’t there anymore. Could you let me know what you think? Anyhow, I thank you very much and the spirit doctors as well! Sincerely,
~ Sandra Vautier, France
January 2009




When she was two years and a half Canelle broke her leg at the ankle. The veterinarian said it was the worst type fracture he could have. After the xrays the diagnosis was that even if they put in a pin, our cat would limp for the rest of her life. Canelle suffered so much she could barely move. We called Laila that night. By some extraordinary coincidence, she was in France and close to us. She could have been anywhere at that time, in the States or in Israel. She said she would do some long distance work on her before we brought her in. After that, Canelle was able to get up, use her litter box and eat a little bit. Her paw only seemed to hurt when we touched it.
The next day we went to see Laila at the equestrian center. She took Canelle in her arms. They both seemed happy and content. After that first visit, Canelle was able to walk again, put her paw on the floor and even jump on the sofa. We went to see Laila three times. Laila advised us to go to the veterinarian to put on a cast.
Canelle was in a cast for twelve days and the veterinarian still thought she would limp for life. Now, eight months later, Canelle has no limp; she is full of energy and vitality. We often bring Canelle to visit Laila when she is in France as she has become quite attached to our little furry ball!
~ Violette Rummer, France

I don’t know who Laila helped moremy cat or me. For two days Bubby was running to the litter box every 15 minutes, straining, irritated and passing only a few drops of urine. The antibiotics didn’t seem to be working. I called Laila.  Bub had just had a urinary blockage, and I feared he would have another. Moments after a long distance healing session with Laila I felt at peace. It was a noticeable shift. My anxiety was completely gone. Bubby, as well, was relaxed. Stretched asleep over the heat vent, he wasn’t running to the litter box as often. Laila continued the sessions with Bub, told me what to expect and how long his healing would take. On day four, she said, he would be back to normal. And on that day he was. Not only is Laila a healer, but a compassionate person who cares about all animals as if they were her own. Thank you, Laila, for helping Bubby!
~ Byakko, photographer

I owe you a big huge thank you for helping Hanna, our kitty, survive. She was badly sick and all we could do was Nothing! She is all well now.
~ Mona and David


My 21-year-old cat, Mrs. Spots, lay dying on her side in the kitchen floor.  Blood was oozing from her mouth and her right eye.  She had a ping-pong ball-size tumor in her cheek.  She was unable to take a full breath.  Her lungs were so full of blood I could hear what seemed like a death rattle when she tried to breathe.  Laila healed her through long distance treatment, performing several treatments from her home a number of miles away.  Laila and I conferred on the phone during this process.  After about an hour, my cat’s breathing became normal, the bleeding stopped, and she walked to her water dish and began drinking.  By the next day she was eating again.  Now she is completely well.  There is no sign of the tumor on her right cheek.
~ Laurence Steven

Pepper is doing wonderfully! Thanks for your help, he was nothing but bones when I called you and I was going to put him down; now he is eating twice a day and getting back to his old self. Thank you, Laila, for everything!
~ Michelle




Tintin was suffering from a chronic bowel syndrome. He was vomiting constantly and couldn’t hold down his food. The vet wanted to put him on steroids indefinitely. I called Laila and we decided to give it a try before opting for steroids and after 3 sessions there was no more vomiting and he is fine and healthy now and has a ravenous appetite!
~ Daniel Aranyo



Diablito is well now. He hasn’t had any more epileptic attacks. I do not give him any more medicine, just some oligoelements. The vet said this is very rare as usually those attacks do not go away. It must have to do with your healing. A thousand thanks,
~ Patricia Gutierrez

My cat had a cancerous tumor on his spine. Two vets said his health would continue to regress and suggested we euthanize him. He acted lethargically and could barely get around. His hind legs were literally dragging behind him. Thanks to Laila’s healings and telepathic communications, he is walking normally again and is as perky and animated as ever. Laila has touched our lives with her healing hands!
~ Tara and Brian Thaler