Dogs – 2017

VIGGO: Paralysis back

Dear Laila,
Viggo is fine. There is no more parálisis , no more pain, he is running and playing and seems very happy!
This is the second time we have been lucky to receive your healing help!
Thank you for your generosity and the love you give to all these animals


KAHLAN: Pregnant, stopped eating

Kahlan is now eating with appetite. Her general state has greatly improved since the healing of Laila

Marie Anne






CAMEL: Mammary tumors, Borreliosis / Lyme disease, Right leg bone cancer, Liver & kidney metastases, Lung nodules, Arthritis on dorsal & lumbar area

My Camel is doing pretty well; even though I do not understand why she goes and lies down in the heat rather than seek coolness…

I think she has regained her life force and vigor. Camel seems happy now as if she is smiling at me.
I thank you for you have been able to give back life force to her, she was in a very bad state!


GEORGE: Fractured pelvis

Dear Laila,
Just to give you the results of George’s x-ray. The vet is extremely pleased – no surgery is needed as the pelvis is now realigned into the correct position so that the fusion of the breaks/fractures on both sides can occur. In addition the breaks and fractures are showing early signs of fusion which will, if we are still careful with him, harden over the next 2 weeks.

He is now allowed out for 10 minute walks every day and she will do another examination in 2 weeks time. He is off all painkillers and in very good spirits.

Please send my and George’s complete thanks and gratefulness to Laila for her work over the last few months – it has been an amazing experience to see him respond and to see the results.

Many thanks and kind wishes,


VANILLE: Pancreatitis


Vanille is now healed of her pancreatitis and is in great shape! She will continue medical treatment for a while. Many thanks to Laila for her healing!


WINSTON: Herniated disk

Winston is doing much better! I think his home cooked meals are helping with his coat as he is skin as not as dry. His coat is shiny again! As far as his herniated disc is concerned, I am walking him almost 1 mile at a time three times per day! This is a big improvement. His personality is coming back and he now wants to go on walks again! His wounds from the hot spots are almost healed now.







ROXANE: Elderly dog with heart problem, renal failure and lumbago

I think se can stop the healings now as Roxanne is well. Thank you for helping her!
Speak soon,







ILOUP: Bone lésions that are extremely painful

We confirm that Iloup is much better now. Thank you so much for Laila’s healing! Thanks to her Iloup got a new start on life!












ELUR: Parvovirus

Elur is fine now , he doesn’t need any more assistance
Thank you,



SILVER: Stroke

Silver is now well recovered from his stroke.we think it was due to elevated blood pressure.
I thank Laila for everything,



CHILOH: Epilepsy and mass on brain

Here are some news of Chiloh that you took on for healing for to epileptic fits.
We did a IRM and the news are really good. The mass that he had in his brain is completely gone, the tissues were inflamed from the epileptic fit of last year. Chiloh is now in great shape, he only has a few rare attacks.
Thank you to Laila for her marvelous work on Chiloh and also on other animals!
And thank you to the great team that works with her,

Leslie and Viviane

ZOE: Lupus with hemolytic anemia

Thanks to your help and support as well as our new approach approved by his veterinarian (decreasing drugs gradually), Zoé is overall much better!
We are extremely grateful for the healing help you have given to Zoé since June 2016 considering the good evolution of Zoé as well as the decision to continue with biosresonance we will now give it a break.
We would like to thank you from the bottom of our heart for your support and help that you have brought to Zoé but also to us during all these months and we will always have a grateful thought in our heart for you, dear Laila.

Caroline, Patrick et Zoé



LORKA: Stress, extreme anxiety and destructive in the house

Lorka is not destroying anymore and is evolving positively




BUDHA: Infectious disco spondylitis of the cervicals

Budha is fine, his back doesn’t hurt anymore he is flexible and his walk is well balanced and supple .He is very happy to walk around, he has been running too, and we also have gone climbing. We can now slowly increase the length of his walks. As agreed with Laila Del Monte, if all goes well, she will take care of Budha 3 times a year because our little darling has a chronic problem in his back. A big thank you to Laila for her precious healing during this month which is a great help for our Budha. He is doing well and it is a tremendous happiness for us. With all our gratitude and friendship.




BALTO: Uveitis

I am writing to thank you for your healing work with Balto, he is very well now!
Thank you!
A big hug,


GOLFO: Ostéosarcoma

In the first week of June 2014 10 months after the surgery for osteosarcoma, Golfo begins to worsen. He is vomiting and stops eating. Veterinary tests confirm digestive problems and metastases in the lungs.

On July 7, 2014 I get in touch with you. Golfo by then was already quite bad. He wasn’t eating anymore. Laila started working with him between the 8th and the 12th.

On July 14, 2014 he had hemoptysis in the morning and I thought he was dying … I talked to Laila personally. Since then, he has been receiving healing from her remotely.
Today Golfo is doing quite well, he has appetite and is content, always with his joy and his desire to live and to be pampered even with his back and leg pain.
Thank you always!



JACK: Mastocytome on his lips

The healing for Jack ends today, he is very well beyond my expectations ! The mass on his lips has completely disappeared,it’s very impressive ! Thank you from the bottom of my heart , i won’t hesitate to call you again if any of my animals is in need
Thank you for your incredible work



EASY: After operation to remove tumor

After the operation , easy recovered really fast thanks to your healing. She is now full of joy!
Thank you,




RAMESES: Addison’s disease

Hello Laila del Monte,
Last year I called you to do healing for my dog Rameses
The vet said he had Addison disease.
He doesn’t have Addison now since the healing , just some arthritis on his hips from old age. He is much better now!
Thank you very much!





USHU: Very ill

Four years ago my golden retreiver dog Ushû fell seriously ill and I was very afraid for her life. She no longer ate, was getting weaker and weaker and the veterinarian could not heal her …
I called you for healing. She recovered in a wonderful way and I am deeply grateful to you! She is now 13 years old, she has some osteoarthritis but she benefits from her life that we ​​share with her in the beautiful countryside of the Nantes region (France) where we live …
Thank you for everything!