PITCHOU: Vomiting, diarrhea, loss of mobility

Pitchou is in a good state now. He has no more symptoms he is happy again and enjoying his walks!
Thank you,


CHARLY: Pulmonary oedema and collapsed trachea

For now my Charly is stable thank you so much for your healing to my little Charly,

Judith and Charly

BETSY: Joint problems , heart beats too fast, out of breath, chokes on her food

I am so happy to see Betsy this way. She is so much better morally and physically . She doesn’t have any more joint pain , she doesn’t choke on her food anymore and she doesn’t seem out of breath. She is much more joyful.
Thank you for Laila’s healing,


HYONA: Cararact and limping

Hyona is better, her eyes are not crying anymore. I think we can’t go further. She is not limping anymore and can now get up with no difficulty. I hope others can benefit from your healing.
Thank you so much for all your healing and also for helping me when Gizmo passed.


LORKA: Damages anterior crucial ligaments and arthritis in both knees

Dear Laila,
For us Lorka is now completely healed. With gratefulness to you.


ETO: Hip displasia and abnormal digestive system

Eto is fine now thanks to your healing all these months, he has his health back and he is well balanced!
Thank you so much for your help and devotion.
Best wishes,







BERLIOZ: Liver failure

For now Berlioz is much better and he has gained weight. I will stop the healing sessions as he has improved a lot and is stable.
Thanks a lot,





BISTROT: Bone marrow tumor

Dear Laila,
Thank you for everything, Bistrot is stable now. I am extremely grateful for all you’ve done for him. I will let you know how he is doing




PATRAS: Leishmaniosis

Thanks to your distant healing we were able to finalize our trip to England
Patras has recovered his appetite and has renewed energy !
People who knew him before think he’s not the same dog!
With all my friendship,




NAYA: Démodicosis, no results with various treatments

Naya is fine now, she has nothing since end of November
A thousand thanks!