BOUBOU: Epilepsy. Suspicion of mass

Boubou seems to be feeling better. I see a difference. I am sending you a photo that is particularly important for me, 9 days after Laila’s first healing was given to Boubou. I find it beautiful. It gave me a lot of good energy and him too. Thank you.

Théa and Boubou

OXO: Red irritated hairless area …. small dripping pistulas identical symptoms, itchy rash

Hello Laila Oxo itches a lot less and is especially less sensitive when I stroke it on the back. The hairless plaque is still more or less noticeable. In any case, a huge thank you! you are great!!
All my gratitude,

Monique P. Pour Oxo

ERMES: Osteoarthritis of the back, knees and cruciate ligament

Since my last message, my Loulou is still in good shape! He plays regularly with Lucia, he is happy! He stretches more often. He still puts his left posterior sideways and rather on the tip… The treatments of Laila were beneficial! I sincerely thank you for your help!!! I know I can count on you for my babies and that is very precious!
Good day to you,


CHLOE: Brain edema

Chloe was in a very very serious condition due to intoxication accompanied by cerebral edema. She litteraly comes back from the other side. Laila was truly amazing. By the time I understood how it works, I left her a desperate message at 11:00 p.m. (here it was 8:00 a.m.), she immediately started working on Chloe. I will never forget her. Infinite gratitude and gratitude to Laila for her love for animals, her involvement, her dedication, her wisdom. God bless you all.


LYTCHI: Extreme fear and anxiety

Lytchi is much better, he has finally regained his joy of living thanks to the good care of Laila, it is a real resurrection for him; thank you also for the pleasure that I had to read your books.
Best regards,


CHLOE: Brain edema

Hello dear Laila and her team. Since Chloe is much better, we’re going to take a break. In any case, I thank Laila with all my heart, she helped save Chloe’s life. Miracles took place after his her intervention. She does a wonderful job, she is an angel.
Many thanks,


MILKA: Blood in the stools not diagnosed, treatments are not working

For the time being, I would like to stop the distance healing for Milka. At the moment his stools are normal. Thank you very much for Milka. Thank you for your help, Laila and to the the team who has been really caring. Thank you very much from the bottom of my heart, Laila.
Thank you,


LUCKY: Liver mass observed

He is better, he eats well and has resumed his habits, he has gained weight and moves more easily. He is lively and present. considering his body is old and worn out with osteoarthritis. I hope that this will continue in the best direction for a while… Thank you very much to Laila for her healing and devotion to the animal kingdom. May human beings become aware of the greatness, the beauty and the love they offer us. I wish you the best for the future.
With all my heart,


LUNA: Liver tumor

Luna thanks you Laila. It looks like a little Buddha at peace thanks to you.


GINGER: Severe pulmonary hypertension. Treatment with oxygen and diuretics

Ginger is doing much better. I would like to see the vet again soon and get back to you. His general condition is clearly improved considering we have greatly reduced cortisone to half a pill per day. Ginger is breathing much easier. We will see the vet soon so that we can assess his state of health, especially his pulmonary hypertension.
Best regards,


HOZHONE: Non diagnosed seems like stroke

Hozhone is back to his healthy self. And back to walking him. Thank you so much for his recovery! I am so grateful!


JAHIS: Cutaneous mast cell tumor and intestinal stain

Jahis is well and I have not yet decided on the next step for the exams that the vet is offering… I thank Laïla for the healing she was able to do because Jahis seems to be in very good health. A GREAT SUMMER TO ALL OF YOU!
Warm regards,


LYTCHI: Fear and stress

Lytchi is much better, he has finally regained his zest for life thanks to Laila’s good care, it is a real resurrection for him; I am very grateful for the result obtained; I have a dog full of joy, never had chemical treatments.


DIEGO: Osteoarthritis, doesn’t want to eat

My dog is doing better and is gradually eating again. Thanks to Laila and the beings of light for all they have done for Diego.
Thanks again,


MINOS: Gastritis with stomach ulcer

Minos is better thank you, we agreed with Laila to take a break from the distance healing to see how she goes.
Good day,


MIRANDA: Kidneys no longer work and anemia following operation uterus. Very serious condition

Dear Laila,
Miranda is in first position to receive her meal! I see her progressing every day and She’s happy to be there. She always hurries to jump on the bed to fall asleep next to me. I am very happy with her presence in addition to the happiness that we both feel to be able to continue to live together. I thank you from the bottom of my heart.


People around me continue to talk about the miracle! Message from the doctor translated from Spanish: all the doctors here are happy with her evolution! I promised to send you Miranda’s blood tests. She is now in perfect health!
Big Hug,


CYRRHIUS: Pulmonary edema related to heart failure and tracheic prolapse

Good evening to all of Laïla’s team,
After family discussion, we want to stop the distance healing for Cyrrius. He is better and he is more tonic. We will inevitably have to ask for Laïla’s help later but we hope it will be as late as possible… Many thanks for your help.
Best regards,


NUBE: Significant injury to the top of the skull and thigh from bites by other dogs

Good evening Laila,
We thank you with all our heart for Nube because her state of health has improved: I am very grateful to you because your healing has greatly helped her to get better despite very harsh conditions at the shelter. Thank you very much for your very precious help to little Nube who, thanks to you, will certainly be able to start a new life full of love and safety next weekend.
Nube’s state of health, which had caused the veterinarian much concern, has improved enormously. Still billions of thanks to you. I wish you much happiness and joy and send you all my best thoughts.
Very nice day to you,


DJANGO: Cushing leishmaniasis and hypothyroidism

I want to stop the remote healing for Django, because he is doing much better: his hair has grown back very well. Thanks to this improvement we do not need to start long-term immunosuppressive therapy at this time.
Since the beginning of the healing I also noticed that he is more active, more joyful, less “exhausted ” than he was a few months ago.
In any case, we can see the difference since Laila started the remote healing and I thank her very much already.

Really he is in great shape… If it can help some people to change the way they see this… Myself and some people of my entourage were somewhat skeptical, but when now that we see how Django has evolved, it is hard not to believe in it, even a little bit.


MIKI: Angiofibroma

Hello I want to stop the long distance healing because Miki is doing very well! Thanks for everything. Miki has gone through such brutal veterinary care it is a great joy and a great chance that he could resist it and he has never lost his life force, and all this I owe to Laila!
Have a nice evening,


GABY: Chronic gastritis

Gaby is fine. Still very thin, but I have increased her portions (although they are already substantial in relation to her weight!) And I am waiting a few weeks. She hasn’t vomited bile for almost 5 weeks. It’s a record ! She hasn’t been sick either for 7 weeks. So I’m thinking of stopping Laila.s distance healing for now.
Thank you very much, Laila, and the Doctors of Heaven. All my gratitude for having agreed to help my little dog that I love most of all and that causes me a lot of concern.