RHUIS: infiltrative tumor surgically from his back. We will stop the healing treatments for the moment.

Rhuys is doing very well and is in great shape!! The veterinarian had given him 2 months after the operation before seeing him again in a degraded state, in pain and forced to make the decision to let him go. Here we are more than 2 months after the operation and Rhuys is almost walking on 4 legs and with incredible energy! So we’re crossing our fingers that it holds! If we see him fall again, we will call on Laïla again!
Thank you very much and wish you a nice end of the day.
Best regards,


SYLA: Reverse sneezing and kennel cough

Decrease in symptoms until symptoms disappeared completely and no more reverse sneezing! thank you a thousand times to Laila. Our little dog Syla is doing very well,


MILKA: Leg osteoarthritis

Thank you to Laila and Laila’s team, for helping Milka with her health issues. Thank you for your kindness, your listening, and your availability. It’s reassuring to know that you are there to help our animal friends. You are amazing.


IPPO: Eye ulcer

He is doing much better, his eye ulcer has finally healed and there is marked improvement. He has regained good vital energy, joy, play, and he even walks. The vet who we recently saw for his eye check told me that it was much improved, almost finished and that we did not need to see each other as we do regularly every week.
Thanks again,