NOKIA: Following a colic, hernia operation under the belly

Nokia is fine and the situation seems stabilized now. So I want to stop the distance healing for my horse Nokia. I thank you for the healing help you have given us during this difficult period of recovery.
Good night,


NÉPAL: Posterior limp

Nepal was quite injured in his hind leg, the area of the tibia and the Achilles tendon were swollen considerably and did not sustain him at all. In the following days, thanks to the healing of Laila, the swelling and lameness were progressively reduced, and in a few days she began to walk and run normally.
Thank you!


ITHAQUE: Osteoarthritis in the ball of the right anterior and left hindball

Dear Laila,
Ithaque is doing very well, I spend my most beautiful equestrian moments with him… He is flexible, works wonderfully well, it’s pure happiness !!!! Please, keep him like that, it’s wonderful, thank you very much.
Ithaque is still doing very well and we are on October 15th !!! He does not seem tired nor affected by the gloomy weather of the last 15 days… the miracle continues, what happiness!!!!
Thank you very much,


BONIFAS: Incomplete healing of the muscular wall following colic surgery. – Occasional diarrhea

Hello Laila,
Nice to have you! I bonifas is good right now, he is beautiful and gives off a lot of power! I find my horse is even better than before!
Thank you.
All the best,


ALFA: Damaged tendon fibers

Yes, I give you my consent to publish the photo of Alfa and the evolution towards his healing. The fibers of the damaged tendon are repaired at 90%. Thank you for your healing work that has allowed Alfa to walk this long road towards healing. Beautiful day.



I give you my testimony for Mambo and 2 photos. Thank you very much for the healing you have given to my horse Mambo, who has been suffering for more than a year from the consequences of a rather serious laminitis. Mambo had a fairly large abscess in the crown on February 2019, with budding and disintegration. Ms. Del Monte’s work greatly assisted in the healing of this abscess , which occurred in 1 month from the time she started treatment with Laila instead of the 9 months it took like last year without Laila’s healing.
I thanked her for spending so much time helping us, her words are so comforting,


PRINCY: Stress, fear, inconstancy in moods so dangerous

Hello Laila,
Everything went really well! Princy mounted three times (four even, because the third time she went down alone), without and without traction on the rope. Well, the carrots helped but compared to last year it’s night and day! The third time she climbed with the separation placed, which actually made the task more complicated. Delighted I am! Thanks!!!


YOUPI: Ringworm

This is not the first time I call laila, she intervened a little while ago (3 years ago) on our horse, Speed who was severely wounded. It was impossible to approach him! As soon as Laila worked on him with healing there was no more rebellion nor infection, his behavior completely transformed we could get close to him! Today he is at home and he is super cute, it is obvious to us that Laila was the person who allowed speed to evolve. Now we called Laila for our youpi (donkey ) who had ringworm. He had an allopathic treatment but also the healing of Laila His fur is growing back well, his behavior has changed , he is more easily approached and caresses so yes the veterinary intervened at first , but again Laila played a very important role.
for us Laila has been a “magician of the invisible”


ESTEREL: Mycosis guttural pockets. Risk of spontaneous rupture of the carotid artery. prognosis engaged

My horse Esterel is in the process of healing. It will take patience to make him gain the 100kg he lost. Esterel is saved. I thank Laila very much for her decisive healing work, especially for Esterel, whose vital prognosis was at stake and badly engaged. Professor Lepage told me 3 times that “the horse was in very bad shape and was very likely not to spend the night”. Yes, I think we can now stop the healing for Esterel; The maximum has been done. no problem to use the photos and my name if you want to. My breed of purebred Arab is very famous. Horses of this breed defend the colors of France within the French team (Tam Tam champion of France, vice-world champion team)
All the best,

Dominique Hauvette

ALFA: Anemia, ulcers and tendon breakdown

Alfa is back home since Saturday. He is much better, at the level of this mysterious anemia, for which the clinic found no explanation. Alfa is doing better. The fibers of the damaged tendon are repaired to 90%. Thank you for the healing that has allowed Alfa to walk this long road to his healing.


DIVA: Paturon injury and tendon necrosis

I would like to give hope and encourage the guardians to do helping… Dival had a wound of the pastern and necrosis of the right hind flexor tendon, 2 operations and a long convalescence. Thank you very much Laila for having accompanied with healing Diva in these long and difficult stages (wounds, infection, lameness, tendon necrosis, 2 operations, plasters, treatments, immobilization… from February to April)
Diva was very unlikely to get away with it (euthanasia was planned during the first operation) but I am sure that thanks to Laila and her healing her every day, she was able to cope… Diva walks much better, she is in great shape, veterinarians are surprised and optimistic for her. I knew from the start that I would not be able to ride her as before, but I wanted to save her ! I will nevertheless be able to take walks with her to our greatest happiness.
Thank you thank you thank you for Diva,


GINIE: Small inflammation right anterior, pulsations, vet can not find why or where the inflammation comes from

Report of the osteopath:
Since the last visit of 4 months ago, Ginie was immediately much better, was able to give her feet and move better.
Has walked in hand and done a lot of ground work. She is getting better and better.

APOSTROPHE: Nasal edemaof septum and blocked cervical lower shoulder

I think we have an evolution and that Laila has really well stabilized Apostrophe even if there are still some small details to watch.


DIA DE HUS: Vulva very damaged after complications vivons birthday Does not eat

We can stop the distance healing. Many thanks from the bottom of my heart for all the help and healing you have given my mare. Today, Dia is eating properly and seems to be feeling much better , she has no more vulva pain. My phone meeting with Laila was very important in my life and I thank her very much. I wish you all a wonderful continuation to lead us all together to a better world!
Q Ithaque all my friendship,


VONDROZO: Lyme disease

I confirm that Vondrozo is much better even though he still is a bit tired. Thank you so much Laila


DAKOTA: Emphysema attacks and heart failure

Dakota is much better so I want to stop the help remotely.
Thank you so much,


NECTAR: Anemia, weakness, weight loss and difficulties to get up

Good evening
I am sending you the blood test of Nectar , which dates from this Wednesday, January 16th. His veterinarian noted a good improvement in rates. It looks like he is in shape Wren he is put to pasture. I think he is in better shape, he has not had any new difficulties to get up.
Thank you again I will come back to see you if ever his condition deteriorates again. I also have the impression that he has managed to gain some weight.

Marjorie Journiac

BOOGY: Wound on the left posterior (big hole with bone and tendon apparent)

Boogy is doing well the wound is now dry and reducing day by day, I think it’s going to well for him.
Thank you so much for your healing!
I’m trying to send you a video we made this morning (from Boogy and his family: we also see Aloha who was treated for his dermatitis this summer and Elios the colt of Boogy and Aloha).


JOLLE: Colic

We can stop the healing now as Jolle is really very well!
Thank you,


JOLLE: Colic

Thank you very much to Laila del Monte for healing Jolle, a 14 year old Frisian horse, during a colic. Her healing was as fast as it was effective. Since then, Jolle is doing very well.
We also would like to thank the team of Laila del Monte, always so responsive!


PECADILLE: Gastric ulcers

Thank you for your involvement and availability, it is thanks to that that Peccadille is better today and I am happy to have had another opportunity to treat her without chemical meds since my mare is allergie to them and the results are just as, if not more, at the rendezvous!

Thank you,


TOUTIM: Wounds on hoofs and tendency to develop ulcers

Toutim is fine, everything is ok at the moment, his hoofs are fine. It seems to me he has recovered well. if I notice any more complications on his feet, I will get back to you and we will resume the healing. A big thank you.

Best regards,


UNECHANCE: Anaplasmosis, eye problems and respiratory issues

Laila helped Unechance with her vision, helped her to be less stressed and adapt to her new equestrian center. Also as she was treated with high doses of meds Laila helped her to detox and subsequently gain weight.

Thank you so much