COVIL: Strokes

I wanted to give news of my Covil horse that Laila healed 2 years ago for a series of strokes. He is 30 years old now, he has recovered almost everything from these paralysis. He is still enjoying life, is galloping and I am very lucky thanks to Laila’s distance healing. He was dying and every day is a gift. Thank you very much for this extension of love that she offered me.



Here is my testimonial for Sean and Adagio. Sean has had severe laminitis since March with a significant shift from the 3rd phalanx to the hindquarters. The vet was pessimistic and could only administer painkillers, the intervention of the farrier with orthopedic braces was not effective. I spoke to Laila who gave me a little hope that we clung to because it was about making the decision to euthanize Sean! Shortly after, he regained some energy and got up more easily because he remained lying almost all the time, we had to get him up with great difficulty.
Another vet and another farrier took care of Sean, which gave good results, always with the support of Laila whom I kept informed regularly. As soon as Sean was in trouble I texted Laila and the improvement was clear on the horse. The last orthopedic shoe is doing well for Sean because he moves better and better in his paddock which has been enlarged. Adagio kept pace with his buddy with little movement and being overweight which resulted in metabolic issues and front laminitis on two occasions. Laila also looked after Adagio who now has orthopedic braces for now. He is doing well and has regained energy and activity.
I am really very grateful for the support and healing given by Laila, I really received a lot of comfort from her, Laila you are a beautiful person…


UP: Bone split fracture

Good evening,
I have very good news!!! Radio earlier this week showed perfect X-ray, there is no longer a crack in the bone! The mare is back by my side in our stable for a few more weeks off.
We are the happiest in the world,



Adagio is doing well, he moves a lot better, the laminitis is over, he has joint discomfort but he doesn’t move enough and I’m going to take him back up on walks, for now I’m doing it in hand. As for Sean, he is doing better and regaining some energy. He gets up much easier and more often. His locomotion is much easier but he is still a bit hampered, perhaps because of the abscesses? I thank Laila very much for her help and investment in relieving suffering animals. The evolution of Sean is very clear and his guardian is delighted. I thank Laila infinitely, I see once again the transformation of my horse with the healing that was given.


MAKKIE: Limping due to heavy fall

I’m sorry, I’ve completely lost touch… We can stop remote healing for Makkie, because he looks much better, calm and collected. He still has some difficulty dealing with his emotions, but we can contain him and show him that he has no reason to explode, which was next to impossible before Laila’s intervention.

Kind regards,


SAID: Sectioned tendon and bad prognosis of survival

Said injured his left posterior. He had a sectioned tendon, infection of the tendon sheath and bones (loss of density, the bone was transparent and crumbling …). 4 operations, 18 months of life prognosis and between 5 and 10% chance of survival. Laïla’s healing was invaluable and decisive in his recovery (the bone treatments had failed). It was an incredible teamwork with the veterinarians, the osteos and Laïla. Today, Saïd walks without lameness, the bones are consolidated as before, which veterinarians thought impossible. Saïd lives his horse life, in the meadow with friends, and he is happy.
I thank Laila from the bottom of my heart. I am deeply and sincerely grateful to you all for this precious healing. Said wanted to live, and you helped him get through this ordeal. I wanted him to live as well as possible, and you helped him to be as well as possible.
I know that Said joins me to say a thousand and a thousand thanks.


GAZELLE: Acute laminitis and Cushing

Gazelle is getting better. Even if her movements are still a bit stiff, she has a beautiful energy. So we can stop the distance healing.
Thank you so much,


G STAR: Guttural pocket fungus

Laila has been in charge of G-Star from June 21, 2019 until today… When I contacted Laila, I was surprised to receive an answer so quickly.
On April 5 th my horse was rushed to the clinic for an epistaxis (nosebleed) that had lasted for 12 hours. The same day he was diagnosed with a bilateral and very advanced guttural pocket fungus… He was operated on April 6 th for an embolization of 3 maxillofacial arteries, followed by 38 days of local clinical care. When he returned home on May 14th, his morale was down, he had lost a lot of weight and refused to eat, I was desperate, I was afraid we has done all of this for nothing. In June an acquaintance told me about Laila and I contacted her quickly.
From the start of the treatment I noticed an improvement in the condition of G Star, as soon as I explained to Laila that something was wrong, she was working on it and I observed a real improvement. Laila is very kind and I could feel her love from a distance. During the long months that followed, I felt real support, I felt less alone, Laila was very available despite her crazy schedule. She helped me a lot through this difficult ordeal. G-Star was getting better and better, and when he relapsed, Laila helped him a lot. Medicines, homeopathy, aromatherapy, we tried everything! And I think it’s the combination of everything has helped heal him. But Laila is a magician, every time I talked to her about some issue, the next day it was better!
On February 24th 2020, we did a check up ultrasound and miracle ! He has absolutely nothing left in his guttural pockets!
Thank you Laila, a thousand thanks,


ATCHOUM: Tumor under the eye and abscess in the neck

Thank you for your message. Atchoum is better and we can stop the healings for now. Thanks a lot for your help.
Best regards,


SHADOW: Ulcers

Shadow is much better, it’s very impressive. Her eyes are sparkling, I can see that she feels good. She is also assertive in relation to Beau (she does not let herself be walked all over anymore) – When it comes to sharing hay in the pasture, Beau tends to repel Shadow …
See you soon,


FLACK: Wounds that do not heal and stiffness

I want to stop the remote healing for Flack. Your healing has done him a lot of good. He is full of beans! as much can be at his age which is no longer that of early youth. He again gave me this beautiful gift: galloping in the meadow, kicking > This shows that he is fit and happy. Whenever I arrive, it is always he who is ahead and leads the others. Thank you Laila for your healing and support.