DAGOBERT: Laminitis

We can stop the treatment for Dagobert he is doing very well and is back with all his friends.


BIZOUT: Eye ulcer

I am happy to share thetrdtimonial healing of the right eye of Bizout, my 31 year old horse. In the past 2 years he has had an ulcer on his eye several times. Each time, the ulcer healed with the eye drops in about ten days. But for the fifth ulcer despite having eye drops several times a day for 4 months, the ulcer did not heal at all. My vet advised to enucleate it.
As a last resort and before doing this irreversible act on him, I decided to call Laila for distance healing. At the end of the 3 weeks of treatment, although I saw no improvement in the healing of the ulcer, I trusted and told myself that more time was needed… So I asked Laila to continue helping Bizout remotely. By the end of the 4th week the ulcer had completely disappeared and the eye tension had almost returned to normal. I asked Laila to continue a little longer and today her eye is back to normal and healthy. It’s like a miracle!
Laila, I thank you from the bottom of my heart for your precious help but also for your availability, your involvement, your generosity and your love of animals.

Jayena B

DON MAYA: Tendonitis that does not heal
Don Maya is doing better! Indeed, after the extended tendonitis, he seems to be doing better today. I hope it  lasts, but for the moment he is fine, what happiness after having waited so long! I remain attentive for a possible follow-up later. Thank you very sincerely, really.
Thanks thanks thanks,

MALIKA: Urgent colic

Malika has gradually resumed her grain ration and I find her much better (as before) Since the treatment, she no longer has symptoms of colic. She resumed her habits with her foal “Blue Lagoon” with alternating park and boxing. I am thinking of giving her a cure for her intestinal flora.
Laila, I thank you with all my heart for saving Malika. You answered my distress call when I was alone and helpless in the middle of the night with Malika who was no longer responding to morphine injections. That night, I thought I would lose her and you were our shooting star! I am deeply grateful to you and I thank Heaven for having met you for the first time through your first book.
Thanks to you and your team,



DANCING DREAM: Septic arthritis, reserved diagnosis

Dancing Dream, a 1 1/2 month old foal, suffered a sudden bout of fever with severe lameness in the left front and swelling of the joint. Clinically, the diagnosis of septic arthritis was made with a suspicion of rhodococcosis. Dancing was also suffering from a big diahrree.
On the evening of July 15, hospitalized, the foal was at its worst, lying down and no longer responding to the various stimuli. The vets were very reserved about the survival prognosis and prepared us for the worst by saying there was little chance he would come out of it. It was then that we called Laila who worked on him that night, and the next day in the middle of the morning, to our surprise and that of the vets, dancing Dream had managed to get up on his own and seemed very fit, pushing open the boxing door and showing he wanted to go out with a very keen eye. It’s a real miracle!
His joints seems ok, his lungs too, no more diahrree and the white blood cells are down to normal. Our little foal was able to return to his meadow!
A big thank you for your help Laila!


NED: Infection with feverish outbreak

We can to stop the healings now my horse is healed!
Thank you,


POLO: Peritonitis

Monday June 7th around 1pm Polo, our 40 year old pony, was not doing well at all (see video) He was rolling around all the time and seemed to be colicky in the meadow, which had never happened to him. We called the vet who injected him with anti spasmodics which didn’t work. The vet returned around 6:00 p.m. and the pony was not improving.
The prognosis was very poor as the heart rate was almost 100 per minute, transit completely stopped, mucous membranes blue and sticky, signs of severe dehydration, lots of water in the abdomen with suspected peritonitis. Our vet therefore advised us to euthanize.
I then asked if there was a slight chance that he would get out of it and the vet told me that it was not possible given the catastrophic auscultation parameters. Polo was very apathetic and in a state of shock. I then texted Laila asking for her help, to give Polo a chance to get out of this and figured I was going to let the night pass and make a decision the next morning.
By early morning, Polo’s condition was stable, neither better nor worse, but he still didn’t want to eat, not even an apple, and he spent his Tuesday day lying or standing still without wanting to eat anything. Wednesday morning, I found him lying full length on the grass: believing his time had come, I called the vet again, asking him to come and euthanize him.
When I approached Polo, I found his eyes very bright and he was lifting his neck. In fact, he was trying to get up but couldn’t because he was lying on the wrong side of the slope! I helped him get up and he jogged off! The vet arrived and checked him out: normal heartbeat, accelerated transit, very pink mucous membranes and no more signs of water in the abdomen! A miracle!
That evening he ate well with a good appetite and since then he’s been very fit, running for his meal and even pushing me around if I don’t serve him fast enough! Thanks Laila! You saved Polo’s life!
Without you he would have died because the vets saw no other option.
Thanks again for him,


MATCHA: Structural problema

Issues Thank for your good Healing
I would like to stop treatment for the moment, Matcha seems to be more comfortable now.
I sincerely thank you from the bottom of my heart,


BODESTO: Tendinitis

Hello Laila,
I would like to stop the healings for Bodesto because he is a little better. I will bring him next to Bordeaux to be in the meadow with another horse, the time that his tendon repairs itself more.
I will not fail to call you in a few months. I thank you again for all the healing.

Thank you,


RIVER: Nerve degeneration that causes rear train paralysis

River is stable and the weather is better, I think we can suspend Laila’s healing for a while.
When Laila helps my animal friends, I feel her beautiful light among us. Thank her for me. I am grateful to her, with all my heart.


COVIL: Strokes

I wanted to give news of my Covil horse that Laila healed 2 years ago for a series of strokes. He is 30 years old now, he has recovered almost everything from these paralysis. He is still enjoying life, is galloping and I am very lucky thanks to Laila’s distance healing . He was dying and every day is a gift.
Thank you very much for this extension of love that she offered me, Véronique

KIS OF THE ARCHES: Osteoarthritis and tendon problems

Yes of course, thanks to Laila I know that I now have solutions for Kis.It’s been a long time since I saw him in such good shape (much to the despair of his friends! Because he is dominant!). I just regret not having known Laïla 8 years ago now. We would both have saved time to help him. A very big thank you to you.
Kindly, Safia

PRINCE: Traumatic neuritis of the brachial plexus

I don’t need to continue the remote for Princy because she is better. Thank you and my regards to Laila.
Regards, Sophie