Other Animals – Before 2013

I saw a real change this weekend, much more than the marked improvements that I told you about. Physically, she has no symptoms of sick birds: her droppings are normal, her crest has completely recovered and regained it’s bright red color. She is now dynamic as I have never seen before. She now expresses much more because before there was barely an audible sound to her voice.
You have healed her, I do not know what was wrong with her…
Thank you very much for healing Filoute, who can now have a better life with you. Thank you very much, all my friendship.
~ Sylvie,
December 2012

My lovely Parsnip is back to being herself again.  She’s singing at full volume when she wants food and she purrs for me when I pet her. Thank you so much!
My vet is amazed by Parsnip’s continued survival (thanks to you mostly!).

~ Katy,
August 2012

The blood test came back today. Everything is negative, no lyme or piroplasmosis or any other disease of the sort. We can’t understand as he was so ill! So the vet decided to stop the antibiotics and he still is in great shape! Thank God.
~ Annick,
December 2011


Little Lula is much better. Thank you for all the attention you  are giving her. She is very important to me.
~ Damien

Thank you for having helped Lula. Before, Lula seemed tired. Now she is full of energy. It looks like she was given a rejuvenating cure! She is sprinting in every corner of the room looking for adventures! Damien is happy too. He was dreading the worst! Now he has hopes and is smiling. Thank you.
~ Sylvia,
September 2011

OriORI: problems with intestinal transit due to deformed spine
I find Ori is much better. His transit is regular and also his general shape. He now cleans himself, takes cares for his ears and goes to the garden. I’ve also noticed that his fur has grown back where he had bald spots.The two vets are very surprised that he is still alive and that he is leading a normal life. I  sincerely thank Laila for the healing that helped me to keep Ori with me. He loves life. I am so happy to have him with us.
~ Lawrence,

March 2011

SatineSATINE. Wasn’t eating. Was going to be euthanized
Hello, Laila,
Satine is back form the clinic. She seems fine even though she is a bit tired. the vets are veru suprised at her recovery and that she is so active they got attached to her and nearly didn’t want to return her!
Thank you so much for your help.
~ Nadeje,
December 2010



I have good news. Lola has been eating well her hay and her weight is stable. She has not had any crisis! thank you so much for healing her.
~ Magali.
November 21010




Thank you so much for Aramis. He is doing much better.
~ Madalena B.

August 2010



Hello, Laila. Bardaf is much better from every point of view. He still doesn’t like men too much but he now is a gentleman with women, he now appreciates to be stroke and scratched. He makes a little sound when he puts out effort but he now runs as a young donkey in the field. He is now gorgeous. Thanks a thousand.
~ Michele F.
June 2010

Hello Laila. Thank you for asking for news of Swiffer. HE IS VERY WELL!
I’m happy to see him like this. He is in great shape: he gambols like a kid; eats with no help, plays like a baby, fights with Foxy my little ferret and bites at the paws and ears of Boston, our Labrador. He is back to his old life as a happy and healthy ferret. I haven’t seen him like this for a long time and it is really wonderful.
Again, thank you for your healings. I am grateful to you for what you do.
~ Christine
June 2010


Today I can say we had the miracle for Nanou. Her feet are straight and her backleg joints are functioning totally normally. It’s a pleasure to watch her move. Today friends of mine came to visit and they asked me what happened to the donkey with the funny walk because they didn’t recognize her. Thank you. This is a marvelous result.
~ Sylvie Rebollo, France
April 2009


I’m giving you news of Tacotte, our rabbit who had a coryza. She is MUCH BETTER!!! Her head is now up, her eyes are open and she eats for four! Let’s hope she stays that way.

Here are pictures of our pretty little miracle bunny.





tacotte_afterCecile and Celine (directors of the sanctuary) thank you for your help and work. I am convinced that the combination of your healing with the vet treatment and better living conditions have contributed to saving her. Thank you.
~ Karine Naccache, Paris, France
February 2009



My turtle Semele had a serious infection on her front left paw. Our vet was not sure she would survive. After Laila’s healing the infection was stopped. My turtle recovered the feeling and proper motion in her paw. She had tremendous vitality the day after the healing.
She is now fully recovered, the vet is very surprised and her life is saved.
~ Agathe Long, Dijon, France
Decemver 2008