During my communication with Hope I was able to see some very beautiful images. I was in a dimension in which I saw a lot of light like a wonderful spring day, very intense and really re-markably beautiful. These dimensions vibrate; what I mean by that is that everything that resem-bles a normal scene with trees, water, light here has a consciousness which breathes and vi-brates. Everything in this nature procures very strong sensations of awareness, breathing and love all at the same time. It is very difficult to describe these feeling in words as words can never convey the intensity of their impact. These are the sensations that I perceive and especially this feeling of light, wellness and extraordinary love that is so comforting.

Hope knows that her guardian Jamie is crying and feeling sad because she has never got over Hope’s departure. Hope then shows me a man of average height, svelte, holding in his hand a half-opened book. I watch the scene, uncomprehending. Then I see another light brown dog passing by that she is playing with. I transmit this information to Jamie who recognizes, thanks to my description, the male companion who had die before Hope and with whom she had her pup-pies.

I mention the presence of this man to Jamie, not understanding his role. Who is this man with the open book? What is he doing in this vision? Jamie replied that, according to the description, he is her deceased husband.

What this seems to signify is that when animals depart they can find humans they had loved and that when this strong love unites HEART TO HEART, we will find our loved animals on the other Side.

Laila del Monte