We all have the ability to float our spirits towards other sentient beings and other realms of existence in order to capture what is going on and to interchange one with another. This beautiful interchange often happens without our noticing. When we actually notice, we perceive images thoughts and feelings, be they physical or emotional. To me, that is the real interconnectedness linking us all. We experience it all the time, only we are not aware of it.
Animals perceive the various layers of human behavior
Animals perceive the various layers of human behavior
Granted the “gift to interconnect” as a child meant I developed an awareness that an interchange was going on and from that, I was able to grasp these “intangible codes” (thoughts, images, feelings) and translate them into coherent language.

Can anyone learn to do this? It depends on his/her desires and needs in life. Developing the ability to see, hear, or feel has more to do with refining oneself than anything else. But the more one realizes the Not-self, the more this ability becomes clear, coherent, and precise.

That is why I consider animal communication a spiritual practice. To me, it leads to work on oneself, to living in stillness, to observing ethical standards and acting gentle on a daily basis. Without this side of the equation, the information received is more superficial and the exchange is less deep and precise. The gift blooms naturally.

Nevertheless, even though I adore communicating with animals, I have never considered developing any ability as an ultimate goal in life. When I was a flamenco dancer, I had strength, speed and agility because my body was my instrument. Animal communication is similar; I have developed the skill set the instrument needs.

An ability is like a cherry on the cake, it looks pretty, it’s fun to eat and and it tastes sweet, but it is not the cake. To believe that the goal is obtaining or having the cherry is misleading.

In the first place, beginning communicators becoming enthralled with their own visions and perceptions is not helpful for the animals. It may make them feel important and special. The result is their interpreting reflects their own beliefs and ways of thinking, not the reality of the situation. They lose the simplicity and the “realness” of the exchange. This leads to emotional distress for the guardian and to cases of animals suffering needlessly or being euthanized too early.

In the second place, it is misleading for the person to think his/her perceptions, visions, and words are IT. Animals perceive the various layers of human behavior and they don’t brag about their abilities! Inconsistent human behavior is quite natural to them because they live completely in the moment without endless analyzing or projecting their emotions onto others. Their perceptions are built in, part of their instinct or survival mode, yet very subtle and fluid in essence. They expand and contract according to the situation at the moment and the needs of the human being they share their life with. The cherry is just an addition — the Self. The cake is the substance. The cake is the real thing — the Not-self.

Practicing stillness and focus is the key to animal communication. It is not about emptying the mind as it’s impossible to empty the mind.

Practicing stillness and focus allows the spirit to exchange with the animal in that space outside of time. If those two elements are not present, then it becomes fantasy, interpretation according to one’s emotional state, thoughts or beliefs at the time.

Practicing stillness and focus is like a clear path without hurdles or obstacles. It allows for a simple exchange, as if you were sitting with a friend having tea and chatting.

Practicing stillness brings with it the ability to hear and understand other sentient beings, but more than anything else, it puts you in touch with who you are and makes you realize that it’s all the same.