Timouss is an adorable white and black cat who suffers from renal insufficiency. I don’t know why but Timouss has touched a fiber in my heart. There is something so pure and beautiful about him that one can only marvel at his being.

When I first knew him, he was in serious condition; the veterinary did not think he would survive. His guardian, Laurence, told me that, thank heaven, he survived one year longer. Tomorrow he will be 17 years old!

It is Sunday today. For the past three days Timouss has neither eaten nor drunk. The veterinary said to Laurence: “We’ll see each other on Monday and make a decision if there is no improvement.” The veterinary is kindly and understanding and is aware of the ties between Laurence and her cat. I spoke to Laurence about Timouss. Even though he no longer eats, he seems peaceful. I would like to save him one more time, but am obliged the realize that this peace is suspicious. Usually it is a sign of a departure. It also means that the beings of light who take care of animals are around to accompany them on their big voyage.

I explained to Laurence how I perceive this sensation of peace which is there. It is like a big, black, empty space, but welcoming and comforting at the same time. This atmosphere has spread throughout the house. Laurence said:”Yes, but I don’t know how to feel things.” So I asked her if she felt this peace. “Yes,” she said, “I felt this peace. I took his head in my hands and I thought that he was really strong. The impression that he had a strong interior strength struck me, that tranquillity that emanated. He looked at me with that force.” I asked Laurence to explain how she had felt that serenity. She replied: “It is a form of acceptance.” I then explained to her that I thought she had reached his spirit, his soul which is above personality. Laurence had felt that eternal aspect even though she found it difficult to express. She said, “Yes, that’s it. He no longer felt any fear, just…that’s the way it is.”

From time to time Laurence was able to reach that tranquillity, no longer trying desperately to keep Timouss alive. She explained that before she thought it impossible that Timouss would depart. Now she was beginning to accept the idea. I told Laurence that I felt he was waiting for this harmony. One must not practice euthanasie too early nor too late. One must avoid a departure which might create convulsions. Laurence asked me if there was a way to help her better accept that departure.

No, not really.

I have now been working with the guides for twenty years. I am convince that there is life after death and that our consciousness and that of all sentient beings continues in the other dimensions; however, that does not mean that I easily accept the departure of a loved one and the fact that I no longer have contact with his or her physical body.

When a being departs, it is not a disappearance, just a passage. The spirit knows that there is a communication between two spirits, between yours and your animal’s.

Timouss is in preparation. He is waiting for harmony around him. His spirit speaks to Laurence. She knows. She is calmer now, no longer agitated, fearful, panicky. She said: “Yes, I fear these convulsions but I am no longer so panicked at the thought of his leaving. He had an extra year. Now I feel I can continue alone. Part of me knows that a page is turning and the other part feels sorrow.” Laurence weeps but her tears are not burning. It is life’s source that flows from her eyes as she knows that her beloved Timous will continue to exist.

The time of preparation is like a large peaceful space that is felt even while suffering. The animal’s spirit at the end of life is on the verge of another existence where the being is light, alive and fluid. Timouss is a great being and he has allowed us to perceive some of that peace.

Timouss departed the day after his anniversary.
He exists for ever in Laurence’s heart.


“Shadow and light have faded, the veils of affliction have evaporated, passing joys have fled like rapid sail boats, the mirage of the senses no longer exists for me. Past, present and future are only an eternal present for me. Me omniscient…Samadhi, beatitude beyond all expression.”

Extract from the poem “Samadhi” by Paramahansa Yogananda.