The moon is not clearly reflected over rough waters, but only over calm surfaces”
Paramahansa Yogananda

Everybody finds excuses not to practice animal communication and everybody begins with a MONKEY MIND!
Our spirits are constantly agitated because tthose are the habits that we have cultivated. They just reflect what we have accustomed them to reflect.

Now you have to learn to focus and to pay attention, little by little, to eventually reach a single point where you are totally present with the animal and in communion with him.

The technique of animal communication will allow you to control the MONKEY MIND. Thanks to a precise technique, we can enter into what I call the “subspace”. In other words, this is another space of deep concentration in which our brain fluctuates between the cerebral waves of alpha and theta.

According to me, to receive and transmit information during animal communication, one must make a SHIFT to move towards another frequency and find oneself in this “subspace”. This SHIFT means displacing our consciousness to be able to accede to this “subspace” and communicate. During animal communication we perceive and treat information in a different way than with our physical spirit, since we do not necessarily have any physical contact with the animal. Thanks to that, the information is received in a more realistic way and free from interpretation.

No doubt your spirit will stray, you will have difficulty keeping focused and you may even feel somnolent! Don’t worry if this happens.

These negative effects will disappear little by little and you will be able to find yourself in the here and now with your animal. You will experience this exchange as wonderful, even sublime!