Jack Canfield

Many experiments have been made with animals around the notion of consciousness, especially thanks to MRIs done in England with dogs. These showed brain activity in animals and showed that animals did have emotions, thoughts and sensations. The law has now recognized that do-mestic animals are no longer considered a piece of furniture,but are sensitive beings capable of perceiving and feeling pain. All the same our society does not yet recognize them as conscious beings.

I am going to describe the tests that have been practiced on animals although i am absolutely opposed to this practice. I am discussing them so that you know what has been shown by these same tests.

For example, here is a test using electricity on monkeys. This is how it is done: So that the group of monkeys can get food, one of them gets an electric charge. During this experiment the group of monkeys has stopped eating so that the single monkey may not receive the electric charges. These tests prove, beyond a doubt, that the monkeys were aware of the following things:
– Of others suffering pain
– That this electric charge has caused another monkey to suffer pain
– That this suffering is linked to food
– I may add, as an animal communicator, that these monkeys were also aware that the situa-tion was not a normal one, but since it was question of survival at that moment and that they were exposed directly to pain and suffering through their feelings of empathy, they could not act otherwise. They were aware that this experiment was in the place (the laboratory) where they were and by the people there (the scientists). They are not going to judge or analyse the situation, but they are well aware of what is happening. So even if they are very frightened of the experiment and the scientists present, they do not judge them. Unfortunately, they only submit to them and that is all!

As a result of this experiment we see that these monkeys had awareness, but also were able to feel empathy and compassion. I want to point out that these qualities of consciousness-empathy and compassion were not evident when humans underwent the same experiment. Unlike the monkeys, humans had the tendency to increase the electric charge on the person undergoing the experiment rather than decrease it!

I think that one day when we will have evolved, we will no longer have to question the con-sciousness of other beings and certainly not make them undergo experiments to prove their awareness since it will be evident that they are sentient beings. So I think we will have to work on ourselves and develop this evolution. Let us regularly practice gestures of good will and compas-sion. These gestures are an alchemy which can transform our reality and that of others.