Isabelle has lost her horse Chaman after a long illness. They were united by a strong love.

Question from Isabelle: Does this mean that I can no longer connect with Chaman?

We are spiritual beings, more than physical beings. It is here on earth that we are experimenting the physical dimension. We have, however, the capacity to see beyond the limits of time and space. Since we are spiritual beings we have access to universal knowledge which is an ardent flame inside our heart. The desire to know, to have knowledge, is the spark that awakes that knowledge. Learning how to feel unconditional love feeds the flame. This flame is always present. Our consciousness is thus always in union with everything that is, with everything which has always been and with everything that will be. To have access to this feeling, all we need is to be in a tranquil state in the here and now and to pay attention to what is.

Question: How do I know if he is all right?
How do I know if he will return to this dimension and to this space and time? Where is he?

Chaman is all right. Animals do well in the other dimensions. In fact, things are much more difficult for them here than there. We can know whether our animal is well by connecting our spirit with his. We don’t need to know if he will return to this space and time and to this dimension since we always have access to his consciousness. This space and time and this dimension in which we live only represent a small parenthesis in the Grand Time. His consciousness and mine are united through all the dimensions and all the times by the thread of love that has united us.

Question: I agree. We have to leave them alone, but I thought that on the other side they would continue to teach us. I think he has the key to my evolution. I am waiting for a message from him.

On the other side they have their own reality and their own evolution. There are many beings in the other dimensions who are there to guide us and help us evolve. Our role is to evolve; in this way we have access to all the experiences and teachings that are necessary for us. It is our essence which calls forth these teachings as well as our desire to evolve. We must keep trying to evolve for ourselves. We hold the keys to our evolution. By helping ourselves, we also help the others.