Animal communication has always existed, even in the far distant past as well as human beings capacity to reach states of modified awareness.
In some cultures, the practice of rituals, the use of various herbs or psychotropic substances opened the doors of consciousness to reach more intense perceptions. The aspirant could thus feel and get into contact with the spirit of animals or the elements of nature. In this space of “communion” he or she lost the notion of his identity and could access the vital knowledge of these beings.
Sometimes he could also reach a connection with other dimensions where time is no longer the same.

This “communion” is at the heart of what we call today “animal communication” We now know that these herbs and substances are no longer useful today as certain precise techniques allow us to reach modified states of consciousness. In these states we can experience the communication as something that is vibrant and intense, not limited to the visual as it has often been described. Communication affects us as we experience it through all our senses.
This communication is practiced thanks to our own tools which are clairvoyance, clairaudience, clairsentience, clairolaction and clairknowledge. When we practice animal communication we are in “communion” with the animal’s spirit and the notion of time and space of our third dimension disappears.

What I find most captivating is that to do this communication correctly, you must be “hyper present”, in other words that you have to be totally present and at one with the animal’s spirit (in spite of the language barrier) since, after all, this communication takes place in our spirit!
First of all we have to free ourselves from our own thoughts and emotions to maintain this focalisation and clarity. Then you must reach this “hyper presence” since the animal lives completely in the present that he experiences through his senses. We, however, we humans are constantly connected to our thoughts and emotions, projected into the past or the future and very little into the present.
For instance, an animal may return in spirit to the past if he is in the process of living through the loss of another animal or human being. He will feel this loss in the present without needing to revive his memories of the past. And, moreover, when he meets a human being he is not going to blame himself or feel guilt for what he should have done or not done. So this “hyper presence” must be cultivated.

Thanks to this “hyper presence” we can reach the animal’s inner space and drop our attempt at analysis. We humans always tend to analyze or reflect on what we have experienced. This mental analysis separates us from the actual emotions lived through. When we manage to consciously reach that inner space of the heart, we can then fully enjoy this wonderful communion with the animal in the present and out of time.

In this inner space our communion with the animal’s spirit is totally real as it is not limited by our third dimension. In this inner space of the heart, time does not exist; there is only an infinite present.