Today I smelled the odor of Willow’s wet fur. Willow is my neighbor Randi’s dog in Los Angeles. And yet today I am in Europe…So I called Randi and she sent me a photo of Willow, dripping wet after her shower. I must tell you that Willow is rarely washed as she hates the shower, but usually she smells good. The smell of her fur was quite strong in the room as if she were there with me. I don’t know why I smelled that odor; maybe she just wanted to complain about the shower as I am her aunt Laila!

It is possible to smell odors from a distance, even though they are both intangible and real. One day when I was looking for a lost cat in America, I clearly smelled the scent of orange flowers. How does this function? My brain had recognized this because, living in California and raised in Spain, I know the fragrance of orange flowers. The white cat, however, was not in California but there were orange trees in that spot. Thanks to the description of the orange flowers, the gardian recognized the place and found her cat.

Sometimes, during a communication, I may detect the smell of the damp earth, flowers, trees, grass, rain, the sea, hay, even the smell of stones warmed by the sun. There are also the odors of other animals such as cows or horses. I particularly love the smell of horses which is just de-lightful! Of course, your brain has to recognize the smell and interpret its intangibility. It has to go back into our memories; it may even add an image or a description in words. All of this takes place so rapidly one is almost unaware of it happening. It is true that smelling these odors does make the communications so alive and pleasant. There are so many things in daily life that we pay no attention to. Animals, unlike us, are aware of them as they live totally in the present. By communicating with animals we can learn to live in the present during our Life.

When my children were small and their father and I had to absent ourselves to give a concert, I used to ask them to feed the animals. To find out if they had done so, I put myself in contact with Calo, the oldest dog. Through him I could smell the odors of their food and could also know if the animals had eaten. My children were not too happy with this, but I had to be sure that the animals had been fed.

In general odors appear in a fleeting way and may be accompanied by images, words, physical or emotional sensations.Sometimes during a communication I may smell an odor that indicates a special situation: a smell of alcohol of beer or wine in the house may inform me that one of the members may have a problem of addiction. I remember, about fifteen years ago, sensing a smell of chocolate during a communication with a dog: his gardian ate chocolates at night in se-cret from her family and was very offended when I mentioned it! All the same, I was not judging her, just smelling the chocolate odor. How could I guess she was eating in secret? And since we are talking about chocolate, who does not like that delicious odor?

To continue with the theme of chocolate one day I was able to save a cat who was very sick. Thanks to the odor of chocolate that I was able to detect, his guardian was able to find the box of chocolates that the cat had hidden under her bed with the intention of eating them. The veteri-nary immediately gave him a shot thus saving the little rascal from certain death.

Sometimes I am able to perceive the odor of sickness, or of fear, but also the odor of happiness or joy which may trigger a very special sensation. It is very difficult to express all of this in words. There are also marvelous fragrances from other subtle dimensions but that is another subject.

During animal communication the odors arise spontaneously. They bring information and nothing more. The aim is just to observe them without judging, analyzing or interpreting them. We can all develop these capacities. All we have to do is pay attention to our present and concentrate on the odors that surround us. It is just a question of attention. That is all we have to do. Try and do it. You will see how wonderful it is when you succeed. This is one way of working from your inte-rior to the exterior. To succeed, you have to free yourself from the noise of our thoughts and from the chaos of our daily emotions to enter into “internal silence”. In that silence there exists a sublime fragrance: that of our own being.

“A rose by any other name, would smell as sweet”
Romeo and Juliet by William Shakespeare