This question was raised during one of my seminars.
Well, first of all, it does not really have any particular “uses”. The beauty of this language is that for once we are not going to “use” anything.

Communication is there to allow us to understand what an animal IS. How does he think, how does he smell, how does he interact with his environment, with other animals or with his human guardians. Of course we may never be able to understand animals completely because we are humans and we filter everything through our human experience. We do not even understand other human beings nor even ourselves for that matter!

Animal Communication does help us to get closer to understanding another conscious being. It also allows us to comprehend his needs. How can I help him in the daily life that we share to-gether and understand what is best for him?

This also allows me to understand in depth the emotions and thoughts of an animal. The fact that I understand him and really feel them in my “interior” makes these experiences eternal. I can never forget what I have felt during a communication. It also helps me to just “be”, to be present while focusing on my thoughts and guiding my emotions; in other words, to just be a witness.

Animal communication allows me to enter into a modified mode of consciousness and to devel-op my “tools”, because this language is learned through the senses: through clairvoyance, clair-feeling, clairaudience, clairknowledge In this state of modified consciousness, I can have an ex-change with my animal that is more profound and less conducive to subjective interpretations. It also allows me through my senses to reach the shore of another sentient being. I can just touch the bank because, as a human, I can never completely swim in its waters. I can, however, feel its texture, smell its perfume and apprehend the grandeur of its dimension.

Thanks to the quietude and calm that I establish inside of me during a communication, I can just begin to understand, with my spirit, what unconditional love signifies.

As Paramahansa Yogananda said: “The moon’s reflection cannot be seen clearly in ruffled wa-ter, but when the water’s surface is calm a perfect reflection of the moon appears. So with the mind”