Many factors are involved in the well being and health of our animal companions.
The way of life that we impose on our companions is not “natural” and we are all aware of that fact. They are often shut up indoors or live in artificial environments, fed on commercial food, exposed to toxins in the environment with no contact with nature, sunshine, the open air or rain.
Because of these conditions they absorb many of the toxins around them which penetrate into their bodies. These toxins come from their industrial food, vaccinations and of course from the environment.
For example, chemical products will be inhaled or their emanations will penetrate their skin (washing products, cosmetics and so on) as well as all the environmental toxins, visible or invisible such as pesticides. We must make an effort and learn about the nature of these toxins. There are numerous books which offer advice on how to reorganize one’s life in order to diminish the impact of these toxins.

There are also what I call the emotional toxins.
According to me, if the organism is already affected because of these external toxins, there will more likely be emotional toxins which could provoke a health problem.
Thanks to my years of experience in animal communication, I have arrived at the conclusion that it is very possible that strong human emotions such as anger, quarreling, contained resentments and unexpressed feelings will be absorbed by and affect your animal. These emotional toxins may not be the direct cause of an illness, but could be the spark that sets off a health problem.


Make sure to fortify your animal’s immunity system by inquiring about the effects of his food, food complements and vaccines. Reduce or eliminate the causes of chemical toxins in the home. Then deal with your emotions: of course we all live with strong emotions, preoccupations and stress. What is important is to be aware of them, to understand their causes and try to bring about change.

Also, try to make up for the boredom and lack of freedom of your animal companions. Be inventive and find stimulating games or situations to vary their daily lives.


It is very important that an animal be in contact with the earth. The magnetic frequencies of the earth will help him eliminate the emotional toxins absorbed from humans; they will also help to balance and reinforce his immune system.

Thanks to this contact with our earth mother, our animals will receive an energy from the life force which will anchor them and help them to reconnect with it. When they are in contact with the earth, they are in “the flow” (le flux).
It is that contact which helps them get rid of the accumulated toxins.
A dog who eats poor quality dog food and is shut up in the house all day long has a very good chance of getting health problems.
Let your dog run in the grass, eat grass, dig holes, play, bark, smell the odors, chew, chase squirrels (he won’t catch them!).
Let your cat climb trees, roll in the earth, smell the odors and even fight with the other neighborhood cats (Yes ladies, I know you don’t like that) because this will fortify their immune system and stimulate their nervous system.
Let your horse gallop around, kick his back legs, get dirty and not in the riding school. Let him be in contact with the earth, cross all kinds of terrain, walk on dead leaves and in the mud, on the grass, on twigs, on stones and let him cross rivers and streams.
We must let animals establish their own hierarchical system with as little interference from us as possible, except in extreme cases. All this stimulates their nervous system and reinvigorates their vital force. And of course, they need sunshine, wind and rain…

Yes, their life with us is not natural, but nothing is natural any more. More and more animals share their lives with humans, we don’t really know why. I do know, however, that they come for
their own evolution as well as for our own, because in their presence we smile, we become better and we learn what unconditional love is.
So let us make an effort to take care of their health and well being.